December 2, 2011

Confession Friday Linkup

Hey ya'll, I'm Linking up with Leslie at A Blonde Ambition for Confession Fridays! Come play along kay?

::::These are my confesssssssssssssssionsssssssssss::::

{1} I played hooky from work this week to clean my house and put up MY CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS! I never take random days off and my apartment was begging to be decorated for my FAVORITE HOLIDAY EVER!

{2} This was the first year I ever watched the
fashion show and while I adored the glitter runway and seeing Miranda Kerr out there, I was very underwhelmed (can you just be whelemed? I think you can in Europe?!). The lingerie was pretty and the wings were AWESOME, but overall it was a big eh!

{3}After reading blogs on Wednesday I believe I am the only girl who is NOT upping her gym routine after watching the show. Der iz NO VAY in hecks I'm ever gonna look like doz girls (#smallchestedsistah), one extra gym sesh will not help. My man C loves me the way I am...I'll tone up when I want, Mmmm'kay?

{4}I am a really bad guest blogger. I haven't finished my post and it's due this weekend....EEEKKK!

{5}Thursday morning my sister and I helped feed breakfast to the homeless during Hypothermia week at our church. I confess after seeing how much worse life could be I found myself shouting a few four letter words when I was stuck in traffic for an hour. How many of those people would have gladly sat in traffic for 2 hours if it meant having a job and a home?!?!?! Pinky chastised.... (Check out my post about Hypothermia *here* )

{6}A Blonde Ambition may be my favorite blog to read...there I confessed it!!!! :)

Can't wait to read all of the new confessions! Thanks for hosting the link-up sweet Leslie!


Jenn said...

hahah, I love your posts--they literally make me laugh. I'm with you on working out/toning up when you want. Sadly, I probably need to make myself do that more often than I do since I have been laaaaaazy lately. Gotta make sure I maintain my sexy so that MG still wants me haha jk
Happy Friday friend!!! :)

JUST ME said...

I like to watch the annual Victoria Secret fashion show while eating ice cream in sweat pants.

lori said...

im stopping by from the confessional link up... i didnt watch the VS fashion show... i just don't really care...

#5 good for you for helping the homeless. thanks for the reminder of how blessed i am :)

Ashley said...

blonde ambition is the bomb for real!!!

and i totally loved that you fed the homeless...i just rang the bell for the salvation army tonight...totally makes you feel so good right?

hope you're enjoying your newly-christmased apartment :)