December 13, 2011

Weekend Recap & my first BLATE!!!!

Since yesterday was recap day for 'How the Glitz Stole Christmas' {surriously best thing eva}, I will recap my weekend today. And let me tell ya'll it was a DOOOOZYmcFLOOZYminustheBOOZY!

Mama B has a knack for signing up to help the kiddies at church and THEN GOING OUT OF TOWN THE WEEKEND she volunteers for! Why you ask?!? Because she has 2 very capable (andoneloserbabyspice..ikid) daughters that she can volunteer.
{Don't get me wrong, LOVE MAMA B's heart, but sometimes she forgets we have our own lives. But, MAMA B I LUUUUUUUUUURVES YOU ANYWAY}

Moving on, our church has an amazeballs children's program and they have tons of programs throughout the Christian year. The second weekend in December is the "St. Nick's Workshop" and the Christmas Pageant. Last year SportySpice and I helped with both and were wrangled to do the same this year as well. We helped with pageant rehearsal early Saturday morning which was nuts, but fun. Keeping Ks and Firsties entertained is NOT the easiest thing in the world, but we managed. After lunch of mac&cheese and chicken nuggets {hecksyeah} it was St. Nick time.

Our station created these adorable mice which incorporated candy canes. 

{Christmas Pageant extravaganza}

Funny sticker we saw on a car during our coffee break. TERRORISTS watch out!!!

Ruh-Roh...guess who broke da Christmas tweee! I so Soweeee!
{Iz okz...the top had to be cut off newayz}

Sunday was another early morning setting up and getting the kids dressed. Did I mention they performed at both services?! Yeah, long day but totally worth it. 
Dear Mama B...You're WELCOME!

 After the packed weekend it was time for DC BLOGGER BLITZ!!!! My blog friend Jenn told me about the meet up a few months ago and on a whim I signed up and really forgot about it. Well a few weeks ago I realized "HOLY CRAPPERS I'm going to meet up with 40 girls I DON'T KNOW!" and got super nervous. I mean it's ONE thing to post everything on my blog but it's 100% another thing to meet up with girls I only know through the Internet. Plus I had to tell C where I was going and well he doesn't know I blog...can you say YIKES!?!?

I was pretty excited to wear my new Bebe top and Jessica Simpson boots, I must admit. Once I was dressed and gotten confirmation from the sissy's that I looked cute it was time to head to the metro to meet my first blogger!

Pinky at her first bloggy meet up :)

The meet up was a TON of fun. Alison did such a great job putting everything together and all of the ladies were awesome. I met some super fun people and now have TONS of new blogs to read. I can't wait to meet up with some of the other girls in the future. Thank you so much Alison, you did a great job! I seriously can't wait for the next meet up.

My super fun name tag and blog directory

Oh haaaay's das-a me!!!!!!!


Ashlyn said...

you are too friggin adorable.
so glad I met you! :] love this cute little blog & your style.& of course how you like to rhyme ..occasionally. haha

but looking forward to making this wine tasting shin dig happen for realz :]

happy wed.
"my unrehearsed life"

Jenn said...

LOVE this post!!!
You're the but you already know that!
You were my first "blate" too--looks like we took each other's 'first' on that one!
Thanks for the candy cane in the cab--you saved me :)

Carolyn said...

OMG! I love all of this! I want to go to a blog meet up so badly! But stupid MN doesn't have enough bloggers!!!

{av} | {long distance loving} said...

it was SO wonderful to meet you on Sunday, my dear! thank you so much for coming out--and I can't wait to see you at round two... xoxo {av}