December 16, 2011

Confession Fridays

.:one:. I am on CLOUD NINE with my BF C right now. Things honestly couldn't be any better. I am such a mushyewwygooeymess, but I love it. He is going home for Christmas break as of today so we did our Christmas celebration last night. We got all gussied up and went out for a nice dinner then came back to my apt, sipped some champagne and exchanged gifts. HE DID SO AMAZING! Below is a quick pic of the GORGEOUS pink earrings he got me as one of my gifts. I'm wearing them today and I LOVE THEM!
.:two:. VDOT and I are seriously going to get into a fight...soon. The construction around here has become SO GULDURNAWFUL. My commute has doubled from 30ish minutes to 60ish when driving home as a result of construction and what burns my buns is the fact NOTHING as been done! They just took away 2 lanes for no reason. I've got your number VDOT....

.:three:. After lunch today I will have eaten 5 Guys TWICE this week. Dear Mrs. Leslie don't judge me yet, I promise I am still in for the New Year New You program.
.:four:. C gave me a Kindle for Christmas and I am SOOO INTIMIDATED by it. Did I mention I work in a techie kind of world????...yeah #techiefail
.:five:. I may have watched the lunch scene and stapler scene from "Two Weeks Notice" three times in a row. I LOVE that movie and those scenes just really makes me happy. Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock = COMIC GENIUS!
 "We obviously can't leave you alone with the stapler." "Twisty BobCat pretzel."
.:six:. Despite the fact I've started to see a chiropractor for my back/shin issues I CONTINUE to wear shoes that are 100% impractical but amazingly awesome. Case in point my outfit last night.
Reason for the disclaimer?? I LOVE my new necklace (small initial heart) and got one for both sisters. You hear that girls...if you read this it's your OWN FAULT for ruining Christmas!

.:seven:. I'm finally getting a hair cut may or may not have been cut in 3ish months...EEEK!

Have a fabulous weekend GALLS!!!! 9 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS HOHOHO!!!!


Jenn said...

Yay for boyfriend being awesome,and picking out some kick butt gifts! Woohoo!
Im getting a Kindle for Xmas (I think) so we can muddle through together :)

krys said...

cute earrings :)
vdot is horrible.
and umm i don't think i've had my hair cut in like..4-5 months :x

Michelle P said...

Cute! That's so cute that you're on cloud 9

Meagan said...

Love those booties!

Jessie said...

Oh hey hey!! Hope you had a fabulous week! THOSE EARRINGS ARE BEAUTIFUL! He did such a fantastic job! Sounds like you two had a great night! Yippie! Sorry I have been behind on comments lady, I am catching up, promise!

Also, YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THE KINDLE! I have it, I am obsessed with it. I do not leave my house without it. Seriously, no joke. You will need to get a case for it those since it is soooo thin and light - I ordered a Kate Spade one from and it's my favorite! DID YOU KNOW, YOU CAN SHARE BOOKS? For example, I just bought The Hunger Games and FLEW through them, but since you have a Kindle, we can SHARE them. I am not sure... how it works really? But I think I would link my books to you Amazon account/email? Don't worry, I will get back to you with this!

Happy Friday and have a fabulous weeekend!! EEEEK!

Monica said...

Those earrings are gorgeous!! I absolutely love Hugh Grant & Sandra Bullock in Two Weeks Notice...LOVE!

Alyssa said...

I love Five Guys! They have such delicious fries!!

Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights said...

Loving so many of your things... except for that construction... booooo!!!! I could watch Two Weeks Notice on repeat and your earrings are GORGEOUS! :)

Hope you have a great weekend! XOXO

Anonymous said...

That necklace and those shoes are too cute!