December 1, 2011

Project ...Hypothermia...

Hellllllllllllllo Thursday, it's been an {early one}, but that's okay. Today my lovies, is a different kind of post day. It's not happy go lucky, sassy, bright and shiny (ooooooh), or my silly voiceness...(although I am still using underline, strikethrough, bold and italics...take THAT jerkalerkBABYSPICE)

Today I am talking about Facets and the Hypothermia Prevention and Response Program.
(please excuse my horrible location disguies, it was done quickly at work)

Below is a quick breakdown of the program.

"For the sixth consecutive year, FACETS offered safe places to sleep and nutritious meals to men and women who are homeless through our Hypothermia Prevention and Response Program. Between November 21, 2010 and March 14, 2011, approximately 40 faith communities joined with FACETS to offer support to adults in our community who struggle with chronic homelessness. Each partner went above and beyond in its own unique way to show concern and kindness to the program guests, from preparing healthy meals to offering evening entertainment to transporting bedding and other supplies between the different locations.

While the purpose of the hypothermia prevention program is just that – to prevent weather-induced illness and death – for the second year in a row, the FACETS staff offered personalized case management to all guests who wanted to participate. Last season, nearly 40% of all guests chose to take advantage of this one-on-one service, resulting in 18 adults moving off the streets and into permanent housing."

In a nutshell, from November to March, each week a different church in our district feeds and houses homeless men and women to keep them from getting sick sleeping outside. Each church provides daily:
  •  a warm dinner, served with a smile
  • movies, books and games for evening entertainment
  • a warm place to sleep (they are provided individual mats every night)
  • a warm breakfast in the morning, served with a smile
  • and a packed lunch for the next day.
My church has participated in "Project Hypothermia" for the past 5 years, and I have tried to help at least once each week. I have cooked and served dinners. I have cooked and served breakfasts. The only thing I haven't done is stay overnight, but I would be horrible at it so I steer clear.

The past few years SportySpice has helped out too which makes it special.  We helped out this morning and while it made for a very very early start (4:30am) it was a truly rewarding experience. Usually seeing the same faces would be a good thing, but my heart breaks a little when I see the same people year after year. I am not going to judge their circumstances, but I want them to progress and get better. That is truly a wish of mine.

There are also those who give me hope though. The gentlemen dressed in a tie and suit getting ready to go to work after breakfast. "This is just a speed bomb, I'll be alright". I almost cried.

Most of them are SO THANKFUL! And they tell you. Constant "please" and "thank your". Rich people or middle class people aren't that nice, how sad. It truly is amazing how much a smile can brighten someones day, I've seen it.

I blush as I admit this, but God humbled me today. After serving I went to work from the church which is a change in my commute. Because of traffic and construction my normal 25 minute commute became and hour and boy was I mad. MAD! MAD! four letter word MAD! But then it hit me.....
.......I just saw 45 people WALK out in to the frigid cold with
And I left to go to my job, where I get paid GOOD money, in my car, I get to DRIVE HOME to my apartment that has heat and food and Christmas and more clothes than I could possibly need.
An hour of TRAFFIC...

Ok, God didn't really say that to me, I said that to me. But I was truly humbled and had to write this post. I know it's late, and probably will only be read by me, but it has to get out there.

We are SOOO unbelievably blessed. This CHRISTMAS season we truly need to remember those who have NOTHING!

I wish you all a blessed day. IF you are the praying kind please say a pray for the homeless tonight. They need our help and a kind word is something that costs nothing.

............You can read more about the Facets program *here*...............

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