December 31, 2011

2011 WRAP-UP

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING 2011!!!! You were a great, fun, fulfilling, adventurous year.
There were ups and downs but the UPS were FAR GREATER than the downs. 

Below are just some quick collages of my year. I know I'm missing a TON of memories but I believe this provides a diverse and enjoyable snapshot of my year. I can't believe everything that went on and MAN OH MAN am I blessed.

A quick list of the fun in 2011!
  • My Boo turned 30....eeep!
  • Went to NY for a special recognition work TRIP! 
  • Surprise trip to TN for Granddaddy's 85th Birthday
  • Went to a wedding for C's best friend and finally met his homies!
  • (Mama B got sick, but is all better now)
  • SFKO for a kickball tourney! Created life long friendships thanks 18 Dummy
  • SportySpice turned 25 woop woop!
  • FINALLY was free of a toxic situation
  • Celebrated my 28th BIRTHDAY!
  • Got my BLOG REDID!!! Soooo happy with the look now!
  • Visited Babyspice down at Law School
  • My two young cousins came to visit
  • Learned how to MASTER the side bang twist!
  • 2nd place finish in the DC tourney and I was MVP! 
  • We said goodbye to sweet Muffin RIP
  • Visited C's hometown and met his parents for the first time
  • Suprise party for my other grandfather in Alabama!
  • Learned my family LOVES to be the center of attention and wear fun hats
  • Blackops went over seas to serve our Country!
  • MY sweet Fresh Prince turned 2!
  • Family trip to Tennessee
  • And his babysissy will be arriving early next year yay!
  • Went to VEGAS again for a kickerball tourney and this year Babyspice joined!
  • Sportyspice ran her very first race.
  • BlackOps came home for R&R
  • Babyspice turned 24!
  • We went to Kentucky for Thanksgiving and I got to go to a football and basketball game!
  • I went to the DC Blogger blitz and had my first BLATE
  • Grandaddy came to DC for Christmas.
  • My family and friends supported me throughout the year and I couldn't be more grateful!
Thank you 2011 for being so awesome....BRING IT 2012!!!

Wishing you and yours an amazing New Year! <3 to all of you in blog land!


Claire said...

Sounds like 2011 was a blast! Happy New Year!

Ashley said...

What an awesome post - crazy how much you can fit into a year right? and i think this is the first time i've seen your man - very handsome! ya'll make a great looking couple. happy new year chica!

Carolyn said...

Looks like you had an amazing 2011! :) Here's hoping the new year treats you just as well!!!