January 2, 2012

Happy New Year Day

Wanna know how you know you are getting old?

You can barely stay up to party on New Years Eve!
Yup, that was this girl last night...but I was still feeling sick so cut me a break okay?

Prim and Proper waiting to ring in the New Year!

Me and My Boo ringing in our 2nd New Year together. Cheers to many more!

Not gonna lie, we were both lamey kids and went home by 1230. I had to get some rest because I was serving communion at church with my family on Sunday. After church, C went home to continue building his home entertainment center and this girl went to the rents house for some good old fashioned fun.

This is what happens when all three girls are home...please enjoy!

This is how I spent my New Years Day!
Love my family!!!

She says she won since she didn't have to do the work.

HOW did this happen?!?!?

 Awwww maaaaaaan!!!

Sunday was an amazeballs day of rest, recuperation, food, fun, family and fire!
I hope your New Year started off right!

Watch out 2012...I've got a feeling you are gonna be one of the 


Valerie Griffin said...

Well you did much better than me. I fell asleep at 1030 on New Years! :)

Happy New Year to you!

Alyssa said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Happy New Year!

Ashley said...

Hope it's one of the best years yet!! xoxo

Ashley said...

looks so relaxing and fun! LOVE all the pics ;)

Carly Ann said...

I definitely had a hard time staying up to midnight too! And I was drinking water most of the night.

Page Twenty-Two said...

I hear ya!! I snuck off to bed at 1:00 am on NYE and I wasn't even at my own house! It gets tougher every year to stay awake and party:) Happy 2012!!

Holly said...

Sounds like you had a great new years! And no worries, hubby and I left the party at around 12:20 haha. We are really getting old!

Carolyn said...

Happy 2012! :)