January 9, 2012

Recaps, Births and Birthdays

Hello ladies! Thank you soooo much for the kind words, suggestions and cute comments last post. Ya'll are so much fun and really make my day! I love reading the fun things ya'll say!

Anyway this weekend was lots of fun with some work too, but that's how it goes sometimes right. We had a kickerball meeting and practice Saturday then went out for a night of dancing. And oh LAWD ya'll, I am not a youngin' NEMORE!!! It took me forever to find something cute to wear because I no longer sport the slizzyness and then when we were waiting to head out I almost fell asleep. Granted, once we were out dancingI had a blast (good think I PRACTICED in front of the mirror ya'll haha) and it was fun sister bonding time.

But, man I was paying for it Sunday. Babyspice headed back to LAW school for the final semester (WOOOPWHOOP!) and then we had to move furniture for the Rents because they are having the kitchen re-done next week (that's another story). After helping them I finally took down Christmas in my apartment, superduper sadface. Good thing, there's only 350 days till Christmas 2012, get excited (info gathered via THIS website)

Sunday was a super special day for me too because (cue trumpets) my lil 'niece' "Princess Kate" was born! Yup, yup, my lil Fresh Prince is a big brudder! I recieved a text at 530am Sunday morning from my bff Mama L letting me know she was headed for the hospital. Princess Kate made her royal appearance around noon and is absolutely beautiful. I am hoping to visit them tonight after work and I CAN'T WAIT to meet her. So happy for their little family, smiles all around!
(Funny story! My mom called me this morning to tell me Princess Kate was born the same weekend as Beyonce's little girl. How CUTE is she? Loves you Mama B)

In other news, Catherine, Duchess of Cambrige or as most people know her, Kate Middleton celebrates her 30th birthday today. By the by, here is Kate's full title Her Royal Highness Princess William, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus (source)
Glad I don't have write that everyday, sheeesh!

I have always admired Kate. She took great care to never appear Britney or Lilo-esque and for that I say WOOOHOO! Thank you Kate, for providing a classy, beautiful and 'good girl' example for the women of today. In a world of bad girls, you my dear are indeed a Gem and a true inspiration.

Not only is she an amazing example of a lady, I adore her fashion sense. Now, is she always right on and parallel to what I would wear, no. However, I think she picks great classic pieces that are gorgeous and flatter her figure without being too over the top.

I LOVED her engagement dress as did the rest of the world! What a beautiful color on her!

Of course, everyone forgot about her beautiful engagment dress when they saw her beautiful wedding dress. And let me tell you, Mrs. Prince William STOLE my wedding dress ya'll! FOR REAL! Well, okay, I hadn't talked to the McQueen people yet, but THAT IS THE STYLE I HAVE WANTED MY WHOLE LIFE! I never ever wanted what is trendy now, the tubetop style dress. {Note, I AM NOT saying I think that style is ugly or bashing it by any means, it just has NEVER been the style I wanted to wear. I am 100% sure if you wore that style dress on your wedding day you were the most beautiful bride ever! Promise! I have just always wanted a lace sleeved style dress, so please don't think I don't like YOUR dress because I DO!!!}

The beautiful bride in her gorgeous gorgeous dress!

Happy Happy Birthday Kate! Here's hoping you have a fabulous year!
Check out more of Kate's beautiful fashion statements *here*. She really is a fashion icon already!

Happy Monday ladies!!!!


Holly said...

I'm such a Kate fan too! She would be an awesome friend to have. Can you imagine going shopping with her?!

Congrats on the newest addition as well :)

Monica said...

Yay for your "neice" being born!! Kate's wedding dress was seriously amazing! I am with you on her stealing the idea!!

Page Twenty-Two said...

Her dress was so classy and elegant wasn't it?? So sad to take the Christmas tree down huh:( I feel ya! Happy Monday!