January 31, 2012

Baaaaaack in the USA!!!

Hello lovies, I'm back in the good ol USA!!! Did ya miss me?!?!? Cause ya'll I sure as heck missed YOU!!!! Yes, even though I was chillin on the beach in Cancun, I was missing my bloggy friends something FIERCE!!!!!

Cancun was amazeballs! Lovely R&R with some fun playtime as well. The weather was gorgeous, even though there were a few showers. The pool was fantastic and I LOVED the free drinks everywhere. Lil Pinky DID keep her decorum though, so no worries! I did get a lil PINK too, but just on the last day, but oh well. I still feel crispy now, but slowly am turning tan (don't hate me ladies)!

I don't have time to recap today, work has me swamped! But scouts honor I will be recapping my fun travels this week. Maybe a day to day post so they aren't too long.

HUGE SHOUTOUT to my amazing guestpost ladies, YALL ARE THE BOMB.COM!

Mrs Carolyn: OH MI WORD...those pink pictures are amazing. I will now be scouring the internet world to find those shoes and those clothes!!!! I tried to remember to wear sunscreen, but alas am a little pink.
Miss JennJenn: What a great relationship idea, those 5 Love Languages are SO Important. I will 100% be trying this out and then will mention it to C. I know other ladies appreciated that post.
Mrs Holly: Girl, those travel items are gorgeous. I must find the coach luggage tags before my next international trip. You are going to be STYLIN in Jamacia.
Mrs Janna: Your pictures make me miss Mexico already. Love love love the one of you in the stunna shades. I miss you too my darling!!!

Thank you SOOOO MUCH Ladies! I am so glad my first guest post series went without a hitch, ya'll are amazing! So grateful for the amazing blog world!

Before I leave I'll give you a quick teaser! LOVE YOU LADIES! Happy MONDAY!


Michelle P said...


Page Twenty-Two said...

Glad to hear you had fun!! Great pics:) Welcome back!

Megan said...

Well aren't you just the most precious thing ever!! So glad you had a fabulous time!! Loveee all your pictures! ...soo jealous!!

Jenn said...

So glad that you're back!!!!
Awesome pics so far...can't wait to see more! (and can I totally raid your dress closet for my Jamaica trip! Such cute things you have, my dear!!)

Holly said...

Yay you're back! You were totally missed. I cannot wait for the recaps. Loving the pictures so far. Your dresses are so pretty and that sparkling blue water, gorgeous!

Annye said...

oh, those pictures! can you feel my jealousy from here? can't wait to hear more about your fabulous trip!

Janna Renee said...

WHAT A TEASE! Girl, you looked GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to see more!

Carolyn said...

Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back!! :) We missed you! :)