January 10, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Morning everyone! Today I am joining in the fun and linking up with Megan from Mackey Madness for:

SOMETIMES: I need a little music pick me up at the office to get things going.

ALWAYS: A cubicle dance party ensues, complete with chair dancing.

SOMETIMES: When I see crafty ideas on blogs I get super excited, print out the templates and plan to re-create them for myself or someone else.

ALWAYS: I find the templates 3 weeks later, unused in my room.

SOMETIMES: I set my alarm earlier than normal so I can do yoga, cook breakfast, tidy up and get to work early.

ALWAYS: I end up snoozing 3204830 times, rush to get ready, grab a protein shake, get to work RIGHT on time, and then do yoga in the evening.

SOMETIMES: I bring recipe books to work to plan out meals for the week.

ALWAYS: They sit in my bag by my desk unopened.

SOMETIMES: After witnessing other people's blessings, I find myself wishing my life was like theirs
ALWAYS: I remember God has a plan for me and all will be good in His time.

SOMETIMES: I get nervous when I linkup for the first time.

ALWAYS: The support in the blog community surprises me and makes me happy.



Carolyn said...

Oh man. I totally do the work out one. And the meal planning one. Oops. LOL

Page Twenty-Two said...

The crafty one and snoozing one are both SO me! I think a lot of girls can relate to all of your points:) Happy Tuesday girl!

Jenn said...

Im so with you on the Pinterest thing...now, on the waking up early front...I never do that, because I know it wont happen hahah. I like that you realize God has his own plan for you! You're too awesome for things NOT to work out :)

Holly said...

What a fun post! I'm going to have to try this linkup sometime. I can relate with the crafts and recipes that get printed out... and forgotten about!

Monica said...

I am guilty of all of these things!

JMB said...

SO remember how we were holding each other accountable? I set my alarm this morning to work out at le gym at 5 am and totally hit snooze...going tonight...hoping GREEN PILL HELP MOMMA TONIGHT hahaha

Stealing this for a post this week! Maybe tomorrow!

Alyssa said...

Hahahahaha! I aaaalways set my alarm to wake up and work out and then shut it off and go right back to bed!

Holly said...

Whoa! I think you have the PINKEST blog I have ever seen! I love it! :D

I'm the same about Pinterest/craft blogs. So much inspiration, so little time! :P

Anonymous said...


your newest follower :)


Jessie said...

Cute post! I am also one to press the snooze button 5 billion times. Ooooops. It's the thought that counts.

Jessie said...

Cute post! I am also one to press the snooze button 5 billion times. Ooooops. It's the thought that counts.

Janna Renee said...

I read these the other day, but didn't have time to comment! I am SO excited that you link up too!! I agree with EACH AND EVERY ONE of those! As a matter of fact our S&A look very similar this week. hehe.

Megan said...

Oh, you are so me. I always pin things to make/cook and then never do it. Haha. And I hit snooze at least 2-3 times each morning. I can't help it!!!!! : )

Thanks for linking up with me! I love your pink blog!!