January 15, 2012

I Got My Curls Kinda Back

I Got My Curls Kinda Back

I Got My Curls Kinda Back

(Please sing the above using the 'Whip My Hair Back And Forth' tune)
yes i'm a nerd I KNOW

But, I am 12 kinds of excited to have my curls aka waves back. I am the lucky girl of my family and actually have a natural wave/curl to my hair. It is a major blessing on rushed days because I can get ready in half the time. That is KEY when I accidentally snooze for 20 extra minutes before work. 

Sadly, when I last got my hair cut, it was WAAAY to short to even attempt the curly due. Major sad face! I've been patiently waiting and this morning while getting ready for church, I decided to see if my hair would curl. Lo and behold it did and I was STOKED!!!

Yup, I'm a goober, but I'm an ecstatic goober because my curls are back ya'll! 

It has been a busy lil Sunday over here in Pinky land. Church then went to the Parentals to help them pack up the house. No, we aren't moving, they are FINALLY redoing the kitchen (pahraise the LAWD) and the floors in their house. Demolish starts tomorrow so I went over to help take boxes and furniture out and to another home to store. Helllllo active rest day! I can't wait for the new kitchen, but I think it's going to be along month for them. Luckily I'm an awesome daughter so I told them they could come and cook for me at my place.

After helping them it was time to FINALLY clean my mess of an apartment. Okay, it's not messy, but it needed a good scrub. Thankfully I'm almost done and have had the CAPS game on to keep me motivated. Hopefully they will keep strong and win this game, they've been driving me nuts lately. 

I hope ya'll had a great weekend. I'm uber jealous of ya'll that have tomorrow of. Sadly I'll be at work. Take a nap for me mkay!?!?! 


Megan said...

I love my natural/wavy hair! I know how you feel! That happened to me once & I was never so happy when it finally got its wave back!

Michelle P said...

sooo I definitely read the "I got my curls kinda back" with the whip my hair tune before I even noticed that you typed that we should read it like that.

GREAt minds think alike!

Janna Renee said...

I WISH that I could pull off short hair! You look so presh with those curls! When I curl my hair it takes YEARS haha

Carolyn said...

I wish my hair did curls! But... it does not. LOL