January 27, 2012

Guest Post: Fashion Travel Must Haves

Hello P!nk Persistance readers!  I'm Holly and you can find me blogging about my somewhat crazy, usually boring but always happy life over at Eight Six Eleven.  This is my first guest post and I'm uber excited that it is for none other than my good blog friend, Pinky!

As you all know, Pinky is living it up in Cancun right now.  I too will be headed somewhere tropical and warm in a few months.  In May, my husband and I will finally get to indulge in our [delayed] honeymoon in Jamaica.  It's been awhile [read: 12 years] since I've done any traveling that has involved anything more than a duffel bag and a few tanks of gas.

Now Pinky, the fashionista that she is, I suspect she has packed a boatload of cute clothes, shoes and accessories galore.  But what about the traveling essentials?  How does a fashionista look prim and proper these days?  Let me show you the way!

One very important document for traveling is your handy passport.  You won't get home without it and while that thought sounds oh so tempting, you will need to handle this very important booklet with much care.  So how about a polka dot passport cover

Another thing you'll need to identify when traveling besides yourself is your luggage. Add a pop of color to help spot your luggage more easily with a leather Coach Luggage Tag.  How fun are these?!


Who doesn't want to look pretty while lugging a large, heavy suitcase around the airport?  No worries, let Vera Bradley help you out with an Expandable Upright Suitcase.  The 28" suitcase expands an additional 2.5" for even more storage and includes several pouches for packing all the small stuff.


And speaking off the small [important] stuff, it's imperative that your makeup and fragrances encounter no harm during your travels.  Baby them in a large cosmetic bag featuring Amy Butler fabric? Really, does it get any cuter than this?


Don't forget about your electronics.  They deserve to travel in style too because let's face it, without our smart phones, Kindles, iPads we're.... nothing.  Okay that may be bit of an exaggeration but you catch my drift.  Treat your Kindle to a pretty Sleeve.


So there you have it!  I hope I have been able to help you discover different ways to travel in style.  On a tight budget? No problem, check out Target's luggage department for trendy traveling essentials.  

Finally, I would like to thank Pinky for having me here on her blog today. It's been a pleasure.  If you care to read more of my rambles, stop by my blog and say hello!


Page Twenty-Two said...

I LOVE those Coach luggage tags:) Great ideas! I will need to make sure I am traveling in style like this for my upcoming honeymoon:) Great post!

Michelle P said...

I love all of this! Very cute.

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

I SO want some cute luggage for when we travel. Great post Holly!! :)

Monica said...

OOoh I love that luggage! Thanks for the tips!

Amanda said...

Love this holly! Ill def keep this stuff in mind when we go on our honeymoon! And yay! You are finally going to Jamaica soon!

Mindy said...

Great post Holly! Time is ticking for our big trips!