January 23, 2012

The WORST and the BEST

MY BOOTLEG WORK BLOCKED ALL BLOGSPOT websites! Yes, you read that correctly, I can NO LONGER read your amazing blogs at work. You have NO idea how PISSED I AM! I was complaining to my girl JENNJENN on gchat all day. There will probably be a chastising email waiting for me tomorrow because I kept clicking on blogs to see which ones I could read. The answer...ZERO! I have NO IDEA what I am going to do at work now, harumph. 

So, sorry ladies, I won't be able to do much commenting. I might be able to read some on my phone, but that is a lot harder to actually comment with. I PROMISE I will read your blogs though, on my honor! It will just be a lot later in the day when you get my comments. The blog world makes me so happy, I won't give it up with out a fight! :)

MY COLLEGE GOT A CONFERENCE! Longwood  University is now a part of the BIG SOUTH!!! WHOOP WHOOP! AMAZING HAPPY WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!! I attended Longwood as a D2 student-athlete (on the Women's Soccer team) and left as a D1 Independent. We won our conference my sophomore year which was one of the HIGHLIGHTS of my college experience. However, the last 2 years were extremely hard for all student-athletes. There was NO CONFERENCE! There was no CHAMPIONSHIP to work for. There was just tougher competition and A LOT of losses, with few wins.  I also was the ONLY girl out of the 12 that started freshman year, to make it through senior year on the team. Yeah, that was rough. 

But today it ALL PAYS OFF! Below is a quote a good friend and former baseball player at Longwood posted on his wall today. He and I worked together in SAAC (Me as President and he as my VP) to get the athlete's voices heard and to help facilitate dialogue between the students and administration. 

"Just wanted to give a quick shout out to all of us - Longwood Athletics Alumni - who paved the way for Longwood to be where it is today. Few understand the grind that we went through as an independent DI athlete in order for Longwood to be taken serious in the DI world. We busted our butts for Longwood with little to show for it, but NOW we have something to show for it. Pat yourselves on the back today, because we are the reason why Longwood is in the Big South Conference. Forever a Lancer!"

Truer words were never spoken. I am so proud of my University and so proud to be a former student athlete. I can't WAIT to read more about the athletic department. A lot of blood, sweat and tears were spilled to get the University where it is today and I couldn't be happier. *Here* is the article that made my day!


Jenn said...

Im sorry about your stupid job blocking blogs--what's wrong with them?? Boo! At least we still have each other to gchat with all day, right?? :)
Congrats to your college!

Megan said...

You are not the first person who I have seen today that their work blocked blogs! Such a bummer! I dont know what I would do at work all day if I couldn't read blogs! I seriously check blogger 24/7 {more than FB} Hope you get through it!

Monica said...

OOh I have no idea what I would do if they blocked blogger at work. I was traumatized when they blocked all the ways to chat

Carolyn said...

That SUCKS!!! My work blocked Blogger for a while... but now it works again. Weird. Hopefully that happens for you too! :(

That's so exciting about your school getting a conference! My school went through the same thing while I was there (I wasn't an athlete though) and it was hard. But we just won a championship this year!!! SO EXCITING! :)

Holly said...

Oh man I think I would quit my job if that happened because I do most of my blogging at work. Ugh, that sucks. So cool to hear about your college though!