January 19, 2012


I before E except (accept) after C...

The English language gives me a HEADACHE SOMETIMES!!!!

I like to write, I find it cathartic and fun. I enjoy writing REAL WORDS too. None of this BRB, U 2, LOL, SMDH, LMAO, wut up nonsense. Seriously, the way children write these days is atrocious. Texting and IM language has completely RUINED the written word in my opinion, but moving on.

As much as I like to write, there are a FEW words that I CANNOT stand, but I use constantly. I'm talking,

Hate, hate, hate, double hate, LOATTTTTTTTTTHE ENTIRELY!
can anyone name that movie?

Please meet the first offender...DEFINITELY!
I CANNOT spell this word right to SAVE MY LIFE. I always type it DEFINETLY and then see it highlighted in yellow when I do spell check. I do not know WHAT the deal is, but I can NEVER EVER EVER spell definitely correctly on the first try. Often (off-en) I will use the abbreviation DEF instead of typing out DEFINITELY, because I don't want to deal with spelling it incorrectly. If there is no spell check I will not spell the whole word out and therefore end up sounding like a texting teenager (Most def!).

Offender number two...COMPUTER!
 Yes, you read that correctly, I incorrectly spell computer. For some ridiculous reason, I have it in my head this machine's name is computOR instead of computer. My father pointed this out to me when I asked him a question about my ComputOR Science class in college. He cheekily asked me if I was dropping the class since I didn't know how to spell computer correctly. GAH, horrendous I KNOW! I have gotten better remembering the ER instead of OR, but I still double check myself in emails/texts.

Bring on the third offender...RECIPES!
Sheesh Pinky, you and those IE words, what is the friggin deal? Yeah, I don't know, I always end up spelling recipies. Maybe it is because I really enjoy pie and associate pie with recipes? Wish I knew! All I know is whenever I comment about recipes on other blogs, I type the word into an email or Microsoft word FIRST to make sure I don't spell incorrectly. Lame sauce I KNOW!

I am by no means a spelling champ and there are a TON of words I miss-spell constantly, however these are the three I can NEVER get right. It is horrible! It is embarrassing! It must be fixed!
Spell Check may be one of my favorite inventions in the entire world...I'm just saying.

What words always trip you up?!?!


Jenn said...

hahah we all have them, it's ok! I had one the other day, I can't think of it now, but I kept typing it, over and over, the wrong way. Annoying!

Page Twenty-Two said...

HAHAHA love this! Some words I always have a hard time with are liquor and jewelry - two of my favorite things:) HAHA how fitting.

Janna Renee said...

I ALWAYS misspell and have to re-check license, exercise and a few others! Just mental blocks I guess!

Carolyn said...

HAHA This is funny! :) Every time I type Wednesday, I say Wed-Nes-Day to make sure I have it right.

Lauren said...

This is so funny and SO me! I'm the worst speller EVER!


Monica said...

HAHA! I misspell Definitely all the time!!

Confessions of a Single Mommy said...

Definitely. Thats one I can't spell too. Such a cute blog! I’m a new follower. Check mine out; you may want to follow back!


Holly said...

Hahaha I love this post! My most misspelled word is "vehicle" (and I so just spelled it wrong the first time I typed it). I'm a legal assistant and I type this word alot when dealing with divorce cases. I get it wrong, every time!

Pop! of Style said...

I love this post! haha There are always going to be those certain words that all of us have to double check!