January 3, 2012


Happy Tuesday ladies. First THANK YOU SO MUCH for the kind words last week when I was sick, ya'll seriously are the BESTEST! And thank you for making me feel like I wasn't the only one who went to bed early on NYE! Seriously, you saved me some complete selfdoubt! Ya'll rock.

Anyway, I'm back at work booooooooooo card, but determined to not let negative nancy get the best of me. How can I be negative when I'm writing a random post?!?! Am I right or am I right?!!??

1)I needed music to help openmyeyes motivate me at work today. Sadly I had to retire the Transiberian-Orchestra Holiday station, but am now JAMMING to Kumbia-Kings Radio. Love the Daddy Yankee, Kumbia King, Selena, Santana, Pitbullesque music.

2)This Saturday we had a voluntary kickball practice on the mall and my shins STILL hurt. Check out the bruises I am sporting TODAY due to practicing kickball. Yeah, my world is crazy sometimes.

3) Yoga download-dot-com is probably one of my NEW FAVORITE websites. If you are any kind of yogi you MUST check it out. You can download all different yoga workouts and MOST of the 20 minute workouts are F-R-E-E FREEEEE!!!! I have already downloaded 3 since Sunday and even did a workout this morning. I PROMISE you won't be disappointed.
(for another awesome workout check out BabySpice's Youtube Channel here)

4) I am really excited to share my finished inspiration board and some of my 2012 goals. I find this blog keeps me honest and it's nice to have you AWESOME cheerleaders ;)! Not to be too sappy but ya'll do inspire me with your resolutions and goals, keep it up!!! <3

5) My Christmas decorations are still up and I'm trying to keep them up AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Taking them down too early takes away some of the magic in my opinion. I'm gonna enjoy the glittering of my tree for a few more days.

6)C and I made the BEST meal last night and I didn't take a SINGLE picture. Ladies, we are talking lobster tail (onsale...not made of money), swordfish, wild rice and edamame. MELTINYOURMOUTH Amazeballs delicious! You bet your hiney I'm gonna be checking lobster prices everyday every shopping trip this month.

7) Please pray for Sportyspice, she has been having a rough few weeks with Blackops being gone and deciding the future. And poor lil muffin's school computer crashed today and she lost ALL OF HER GRADES for the kiddos and most of her teaching units. If any teachers out there have some advice in this situation that would be SOOO APPRECIATED!!!

8)OHMAHWORD! The Cupid Shuffle JUST CAME ON Pandora! It's gonna be a good day
(told ya it was random!!!!!)

Happy 2000 DIRTY DOZEN!!!! :)


Jenn said...

I hope Sportspice makes it through all of this ok! When it rains, it definitely pours, but hopefully her downpour is over. I'll be thinking of her!

Sara Louise said...

I want to play kickball!! I used to love kickball!
And thanks for the tip on the yoga website, I'm totally going to check it out! :-)