December 14, 2011

It's Christmas Time in Washington...

Ugh...OHEMGOSH I hate that song...but there is NO OTHER way to describe Christmas Decor when you live in the Nation's Capital.

So without further adieu, welcome to my humble abode decorated for the

This is the table to the right when you walk through the door. I just bought a red table runner from the dolladollabill store to add a festive look. I also threw some Christmas cookie cutters in a basket with a fun ribbon from Michael's tied to the top. 

Just to left of my doorway is my bookcase and room lamp. I added fun Christmas touches to give the apartment a fun festive mood. The decorations are a mix of dolladolla store purchases and things Mama B gave me. 

One of my most FAVORITE decorations ever. Mama B buys all of us ornaments every year so we never have a sad Christmas tree when we move out {I'll write a post about it later}. One year she gave us each a small Christmas tree and duh mine was PINK! Since moving out I've slowly collected small ornaments to adorn my purdy tree. The bells on either side are from Tarjey, so sparkly!

I purchased these ornaments at Tarjey last year. Gotta have fun pink bling :)
{checkout my photog skills oh haaaaaay}

I love Christmas candles and CandyCanes. I bought the dish at TJ Maxx on sale this year and the candle was from CVS.

This is the back window sill facing the street. The flowers are from the dolladolla store and the other plants are my normal everyday plants. I decorated them with small ornaments from Tarjey. The pink candles, tea lights and pink snowflakes are also from Tarjey. 

Recognize this? Yup, when I bought one for Carolyn for the swap I HAD to get one for myself. Don't you love the fun glitter sparkly bling?!?!

Oh CHRISTMAS TREE!!!! My parents gave me their fake tree when I moved out and I am OH SO GRATEFUL! Yes,  I would love a real tree, but this is much easier on the wallet and the back. My ornaments and lights are a mishmash of hand me downs from Mama B, ornaments on sale and gifts. 

My BFF T and I have started a new tradition of exchanging ornaments instead of presents for Christmas. This is the ornament she gave me last year...I mean can we say PINKY!?!?!

Mama gave us each a Nutcracker 7 years ago and I adore mine. I also dressed up a wedding favor by adding Christmas tea lights and some fun ornaments from Tarjey.

My Christmas Kitchen table. The flowers are all from the dolladolla store as are the place mats. Babyspice gave me the William Sonoma napkins for Christmas last year and I am soooo excited to finally be able to use them. I bought the Christmas salt and peppa {pushit} shaker this year on Black Friday.

My HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS Wreath. This was Sportyspice's idea over Thanksgiving when we were shopping at Michael's. Since they were having a MAJOR sale we all bought supplies and made our own wreaths. I LOVELOVELOVE the way mine came out. It's 100% me!

Now onto my favorite part of my Christmas apartment, my Nativity. Mama B got us each a Nativity 4 years ago and I love putting it out. However, when you have a lot of rowdy friends over for parties (and you aren't the SOLO person living in the apartment) setting up a beautiful nativity isn't the priority. But now that I'm living alone I can display this beautiful piece the way it should be. 

Manger scene embellished with dollasdolla store garland and jingle bells/ornaments from Tarjey

Merry Christmas ornament a la dolladolla store and tea candles from Tarjey

Wise Men awaiting the Epiphany season

The whole buffet Christmas set up

Hope you enjoyed my Christmasfied home. I love the way it looks and just love the Christmas season!


Jenn said... big is your place???
It looks AMAZING :) I like the little glittery green tree, super cute! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your decorations! Where did you get the little green sparkly tree? I must have one!

Bitz said...

LOVING the dolladolla decorations and the entire apt (specially those napkins, can you say classy)! Also, don't worry I will sneak a speaker into one of your vents and have it play "Christmas Eve In Washington" on repeat! hehehe!

Alyssa said...

That pink tree is to die for!! I need to get my hands on one! :)

Michelle P said...

Love the decorations!

Sara Louise said...

I've always wanted a little pink tree! :-)

One Haute Mess said...

i gotta say, i love the pink tree!! so cute!


Monica said...

I agree w/Caitlin love that pink tree!

Carolyn said...

So cute!! :)