December 6, 2011

Back on the pole...

Yep, I've fallen off the bandwagon and am back on the poles ladies.

Okay...I kid I kid, I'm back on THESE POLES!!!

Yup, pole climbing training again this week yeeeehawwwww! 
If you want to read more about WHY I'm on poles check it out *here*

The big bummer about this training is I'm now on 2nd shift time (3:30pm - 12am). Ugh, yes I'm working/training till midnight no bueno mcfeno (seeimalreadyloopy). I thought about posting last night when I got home, but I was very very tired and my brain was mush.

Honestly, right now my brain is mush and I just got up a little while ago. Sure, call me a baby, but Miss Pinky does not do well when her normal sleeping pattern is all jackedup...knowwhatimsayin?

Okay, well enough of the jiberjabing, here are photosfrommyphoneos!

{Someone's Christmas Present choochoo}

{Yummm yummm yummm bfest with an inspiration mug}

{Pretty flowers from the le nice}

Okay ya'll, have a fabulous Tuesday! I've got some cleaning to get done then off to drop off my ornament swap package. Yes, I know a day late but, golly it's been nuts over here!!!

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