December 8, 2011

2nd Shift iz no bueno

and...going from 1st shift
to 2nd shift
to 1st shift in 4 days

!!!that's a doozy ya'll!!!

I'm still trying to figure out what time it is and where I'm suppose to be right now, so bear with me if this post is full of mistakes mmmkay?

If you remember correctly I was taking pole dancing climbing classes this week for work. You will also remember said classes were from 3pm-midnightpm! There is way to much sadness in the world for me to complain about the timing, but it was not my favorite time to be learning I will say. Luckily, the commute wasn't too bad since most everyone else was STILL at work when I went to class and fast asleep when I drove home.

My teacher looked like the Monopoly man and he was all kinds of awesome. He explained things well and totally gave me special attention since I was a girl and the youngest person in the class {awww shucks}. For propriety sake I can't much about what I learned, but I can show some pictures of the fun stuff.

Practice arena

Yup, that's me  up dur!

Rain or shine we get it done

Seski can I duck outfit

Before going outside in the rain

Wet duck after climbing in the rain.

Hopefully I won't have to use my new skills, but it's nice to know I can do everything required if the strike happens. I wonder if I can spray paint my rain suit and hat pink?!?!?!?

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Carly Ann said...

I am totally on the Hart of Dixie bank wagon too!! I just blogged about how much I don't want it to get cancelled!