December 27, 2011

Most depressing day of the YEAR!

Don't lie girls, you KNOW it's true.

Christmas Eve is over.
Christmas DAY is over.
Mama B's birthday is over.

Many people think the 26th is the most depressing day, but because that day is MAMA B's bday it REALLY can't be all that depressing. And I always take that day OFF of work to spend it with my family and my Mama B! But the 27th...BLECH!!!

I'm at work while everyone else is hanging and playing at card!
Work is slooooooooooooow and I'm tired.....double boo card!
Everyone goes back to normal and forgets preChristmas CHEER and niceness....triple boo card!

Yeah, that doesn't make for a very good day does it?

To every out there who is SUPER EXCITED still...YAY! Send some of that cheer my way. I'm not trying to be debbie downer, but the 27th ALWAYS ALWAYS brings me down...The hype is over and people go back to being 'themselves' and not really caring and that REALLY REALLY REALLY makes me sad :(

But I'm gonna keep on truckin' and get over it. {Finished watching the DCC season 6 today and it was awesome. I SO WANNA BE A DCC!!!} The Wise Men are still journeying to see the Christ child, I can't forget THAT RIGHT!?!?

So, off to my awesome chiropractic appointment,then gonna do some yoga&stretching, have dinner with my LOVE, Le Beau and maybe a glass or two of wine! Have a blessed day ladies! xoxo


Michelle P said...

I have two Christmas dinners this weekend, so January 2nd will be my most depressing day!

Monica said...

Yes! I am always sad the week between Christmas and NYE.

Carolyn said...

AGREED! I'm sitting at my desk, and I swear I'm all alone. HAHAHAHA :) keep your head up girlie!!

Holly said...

I totally agree! Hubby is off, my dad is off, my sister is off and I'm sitting all alone at my desk at work. Sooo not cool. Cheer up though, we have the new year to celebrate in a few days :)

Alyssa said...

I have seriously been pretty sad all day!! My mom is leaving tomorrow and I just keep thinking, "What am I gonna do?! What do I have to look forward to?" SO SAD! :(