December 12, 2011

*glitz* and GLAM exchange

Today's I get to reveal my goodies from:

Brought to you by Raven and Lindsey.
{thanks for hosting pretties}

My exchange partner was the beautiful and lovely Carolyn from lifeloveandpuppyprints After reading this post, do yourself a favor and check her out :)
{bonus: you'll get to see what I got her yay}

I was super excited when I saw this package outside my door.
 {don't you LOVE her handwriting}

My awesome*lovely*fabulous array of goodies!

Aren't your eyes just dazzled? I love all of the pink and glitz and glam. Let's check out everything individually now mkay?!?!?
{I really need to find a different place to display all of my fun stuff. It's such a shame my bed is the best area in my house for lighting. Note to it.}

{Super pretty pretty *sparkleicious* earrings}

{Rockstar Pink nailpolish...totally says PINKY right? I enjoy purple too}

 {Glittery Pink Peace Sign Ornament already on the tree}

{I've worn this scarf twice already and EVERYONE has loved it, me included! SO pretty and fun!}

Dear Carolyn,
Ummmm girlfriend you the *PARK*! I LOVELUVLURVE everything you sent. 
Thanks for being such an awesome partner. I hope you enjoyed my package as well. 

Dear Raven and Lindsey,
Thank you so much for hosting such a fun swap! Glitz&Glam is my absolute fav. 
You girls totally rockmypinksocksoff!

Can't wait to see all the fun goodies everyone else received.


Holly said...

Loove those earrings and the nail polish too. What a fun swap!! Hope you had a good weekend :)

Lindsey said...

haha no, thank YOU for participating!!!!!!!!!! Love that scarf and her handwriting is seriously amazing. Before I read the caption under the pic I was thinking OMG, I love her handwriting and i want it!


Carolyn said...

YAY! So glad you like your presents! :) It was so much fun shopping for PINK PINK and more PINK!

I'm glad you like my handwriting. HAHAHAHA I'm so flattered. :)

You were such an amazing blog swap partner! WHOOP! haha

Ashley said...

Love your gifts! So glitz and glam. :)

Casey said...

What awesome gifts! Love that ornament! :)

Alyssa said...

Those earrings are absolutely stunning! Love them!

Ashley said...

so much fun!! they did such an awesome job on this giveaway!

and I LOVE that scarf on you too - i guess it's unanimous ;)

Robin said...

What an awesome exchange! Love the scarf and nail polish!! I wish didn't miss out on the fun :[

Thanks for sharing though!!

I hope you'll check out my blog, plus a link up called Wish! {out loud} that I hope you'll participate in!

Raven said...

ok you are too awesome. Loved your little shout out to Lindsey and I :) and LOVE that Carolyn got you so much PINK! Number one, I LOVE that scarf. Seriously. and that peace ornament? May have to track that down also.

Arielle said...

i love that scarf!! :) Too cute.
New follower over from

Tonia Sanders said...

Pinky, TheCandy Cane Oreo Parfait dessert is the best. As you can see Isabella did a great job, so basically anyone can make it. It takes all of 10 minutes tops!

So glad we met. I absolutely love your new pink scarf and nail polish!

Jamie said...

LOVE the scarf!

♥Jess said...

If you're still in the swapping mood, head over to my place & sign up for the {Accessorize a blog friend} Swap!