December 17, 2011

K to the AMMIE

Happy Saturday ya'll, hope you haven't been up as early as I have. This Saturday was my turn for work to update titles (blah) and of course the system is super slow. But oh well, YAY I have a job and am not wasting my life away (ok I kid, I wish I was like ya'll).

I'm heading out to do some BB&B shopping..hellllo super awesome coupons...then down to get a hair cut...cuz dis chick needs one like WHOA

Check it...yikes!

I would also like to introduce you to my new Kindle touch "Kammie". She says OH WHAT UP!? She and I spent time getting acquainted this morning and I think we will be besties for sure. 

So far, Kammie hasn't been too tough to figure out, but I still could use some hizzyhelp from ya'll. I really really really really need book suggestions. I just go to the library and grab what's good cause I'm a nerd like that. What are popular books to read now? I have already read the Help and my girl Jessie (hi hotstuff) is gonna hook me up with the Hunger games, so I am semi up to date with those two. But, I KNOW there are tons of other fun books out there, so hit me with em girls! Thanks in advance :) <3! 

Okay it's time to get crackalackin' on my list and head to the hair dresser. My afternoon will also consist of decorating the Christmas tree at my parent's house with the family. Uber excited BabySpice is home from school and well I guess I'm excited to see SportySpice too (heehee). Hooray for family Christmas Time! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

My super awesome Santa Shirt for Christmas decorating :)
It reads:

Dear Santa,
I've been good ALL year. Last weekend doesn't count 

Mama B knows me so well right!?!?!'

Have a fabulous day lover bugs!


Tamara Nicole said...

Ha I love it, you name your electronics too?! My new phone is named Zoe b/c she has a zebra covder, love it! :-)

Jessie said...

OMG! HAHAHA! Your Christmas shirt! That is great, where on earth did you get it? or where did your mom get it? HAHAHA! Love it!

OH EM GEEE... A SHOUT OUT! WHOOP WHOOP! WHAT'S UPPPPPP! hahaha! Loved it, yes, we neeeeed to get you these books. But I am afraid if I do, you will go missing for a couple weeks because you won't be able to put them down! I kid... I will share soon! Once, I figure out how to do it... haha!

Monica said...

That shirt is too cute!