December 28, 2011


Good morning ladies and happy WEDNESDAY! Wooohoo we are almost to the weekend WHOOP!

I must say THANK YOU SO MUCH to you sweet sweet girls, because your comments yesterday just melted my heart. Thank you for sending me some love, I totally needed it. Ya'll are awesome and I'm so thankful for this lil Internet community.

Now what better way to change an attitude than to write about the things I LOVE! So, after being away from this link up for awhile I'm jumping back to WILW with Jaime!
 1) I'm loving how awesome my Christmas was. Fun times and chill times with the family, I really couldn't ask for anything more. The JOY in my parent's house on Christmas was so wonderful.

2) I'm loving my Christmas dress that I wore to Christmas Eve service (with a cardigan of course). Still not loving the short hair, but it's already growing back so hoooray hooray!

3) I'm loving Christmas Eve photo shoot pictures! How ridiculous are we? And isn't my grandfather a hoot and a half?!?! He gets cold very easily so he wore LONG UNDERWEAR under his suit to church! Seriously adorable and crazy....guess that's where I get it from ;)
FYI, we are posing like this because we watched 4 different Nutcrackers in 2 days. Anyone else watch the Battle of the Nutcrackers on Ovation? I smell a new family tradition!

4) I'm loving how awesome Mama B's birthday went. I must say it kind of stinks to have your birthday the DAY after Christmas because it gets caught up in the holiday. But, Mama B has always been an awesome sport, even when we were little and really didn't do much for her because we were too excited for Christmas. We did some bargain shopping, had brunch, chillaxed then went out to dinner and it was awesome (minusarudehostessbutwhateves). Happy Happy Birfday Mama B!
 Doesn't she look so fancy in her new top? That Mama B has style when she wants to ;)

Grandpa and Mama B for her birthday dinner!

 5) I'm loving my new LILLY Planner I just got this week. I've been using a fun zebra/pink planner from Target the past 2 years and really wanted an upgrade (I mean do you see the pink?!!? Yeah, I know) but wasn't sure if I wanted a Lilly or an Erin Condren. MAD PROPS and SHOUT OUT to JENNJENN because she was the voice of reason throughout the harrowing process ;)!

 6) I'm loving having biscotti with my coffee this morning. It's such a yummy yummy treat!

7) I'm loving this message Daddy posted on my Facebook. Seriously how cute/ridiculous is this? Love em!

8) I'm love love loving my BOO as always. I missed him so much over the Christmas break and it's so nice to have him back home with me :)! <3

9)I'm LOVING YA'LL! Seriously blogs make me happy happy happy and it's just incredible how people are able to MEET and communicate throughout the community. LOVE TO ALL YOU SWEET SWEET GIRLS!


Michelle P said...

Awww love all of this!

Valerie Griffin said...

You look just like your mom! :) and that biscotti looks so delish right now!

Carolyn said...

This is all so cute! :) You and your mama are precious!

And I like the short hair... just saying. :)

The PvdH Journal said...

Oh dear, well for me today is THE most depressing day of the year (bank holidays Monday & Tuesday here in London). My first twitter of the day went something like "I may have a single bed, but I definitely woke up on the wrong side of it." So definitely understand how you felt yesterday.

Having said that, so nice to see such a positive post today! A real lift-me up!

Have a wonderful day xx Paola

Jenn said...

I'm SO glad that you like the planner,and that I could help you through the trying process hehe. Always here for you...through little things like planners to bigger things! *hugs*

Monica said...

I will have to do some research on a LILLY Planner. I need a planner asap! Your family photos are so adorable! I love that your all wearing red too!!

Ashley said...

seriously love you in red! that dress is amaaaaazeballs! and i love the boots and sweater - so chic!

sounds like you had a fabulous time - hope you get to spend some fun loving time with your man soon! :)

Alyssa said...

Awww! Loved this post!! Too sweet!

Page Twenty-Two said...

LOVE your Christmas eve dress - very pretty:) Looks like you had a lot of great time with family!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I love, LOVE your Christmas Eve dress! Such a cute fit and perfect color for you, girlie! And that FB message from your dad? Precious : )