December 20, 2012

Secret Santa Swap Reveal

Today is the secret Santa reveal and I'm so stinkin excited!
Gift Swap

When I saw three of my favs were hosting a
Christmas swap,
I JUMPED to participate.

I love shopping for people and I love receiving surprise packages too.

I sent a fun package to Brieann and I really
hope she enjoys all the fun gifts I sent.
[Should have taken a picture, drat]

I was waiting like a kid for my box and possibly squealed
when I saw this baby outside my door!
What a cute wrap job right ;)!?!?

Wanna know what's even cuter?!?!
 The present inside the box.


A gorgeous leopard print INFINITY SCARF!


Fashion chicks, am I doing this right?!?!?
I absolutely LOVE IT, thank you so much SECRET SANTA! reveal yourself, pretty please :)!

Thanks Janna, Kelly and Tabitha 
for hosting such an awesome linkup!

Merry Christmas friends!

FYI: I'm participating in my FIRST EVER 

You could win a $440 prize pack, say WHAT!?!?!?!

Hope on over there and enter mmmmkay!/
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Pamela said...

Looove it!! Super cute! Looks good on ya!

Anonymous said...

Great scarf! I need to get me one of those. I swear I'm now the only person without one!

Nikki said...

What a great scarf! I wanna get a infinity scarf!

Leigh said...

I am obsessed with my leopard infinity scarf, what a great gift!!

Holly said...

Looove your new leopard scarf! Infinity scarfs are the best. I love them so much I usually end up tying the ends of my non-infinity scarfs together to create one haha.

Carolyn R said...

The scarf is so cute!! :)

Amy Gougler said...

Super cute scarf!!! Love the leopard print!

Helene said...

that scarf is too adorable!! I love it!
Helene in Between

Brie said...

Thank you so much for my little gifts!!!

Rebecca said...

Cute scarf, I love infinity scarfs, if I wear a normal scarf the ends just annoy me now.

My-cliffnotes said...

That scarf is soo pretty. Infinity scarves are fab.

Thanks for linking up beautiful.


Janna Renee said...

Infinite scarfs are my go-to! You are so sweet and definitely one of my faves {obvs}. Love ya girl! Thanks for partying with us ;)