December 12, 2012

Make Up Wake Up!

I have never been shy about my love of sleep.

If you've been reading here for awhile, you know how much
I value my zzzzzsss
and that I'm often late to work because I'm trying
to catch a few extra minutes in bed.
[luckily my boss is awesome and anything under 30 minutes late is overlooked]

Because of my love of sleep,
my morning routine is as brief as possible,
with very little wasted effort and time.

Non-morning workout days
Alarm goes off at 6:30 snooze till 655-7am, Keurig, shower, lotion&brush teeth, make/grab bfast for car,
pack lunch, get dressed, start car, dry/style hair, grab everything
rush out the door. All in 30 minutes, boom!

Morning workout days
Alarm goes off at 5:15am, snooze till 5:30am, start car, Keurig, start bfast, brush teeth, put on work clothes, finish making bfast, grab lunch, gym bag, purse, drive to gym, workout til 7am, shower and get ready at the gym, leave for work at 730am.

Notice how I said NOTHING about makeup in either example!?!

Yup, that's cause makeup is done....don't kill the car!


I ONLY do my makeup at red lights, scouts honor.


I've become a master at putting on my face in the car,
but sometimes I forget exactly what I have in my makeup bag
and then I'm fumbling around and lose time.


ENTER ELF products
and their AWESOME SALES!

I've gone from ALLLLLLLLLLLLL this...
L-R: CVS brand Green eye palette, Artistry eyeliner, ELF primer, Artistry liquid liner, Artistry mascara x2,
Artistry eye cover up, Sephora shadow, blush, lip gloss pack,
ELF mineral shadow,
Artistry 3D powder, Sonia K bronzer, ELF blush whip [similar to benefit shimmer]
To just this....
Is that just a box?!?!?!
OH, did I say JUST....yeah, that's a lot!
Perfect eye combination shadow for moi, blush and bronzer, eye liner,
brushes, eye brow powder, lip gloss

I love all of the color combinations in my new ELF pack,
so so pretty and versatile.

Having a 1 stop shop in my makeup bag is super awesome.
Much less fumbling around at lights.

These are my use everyday products, which won't change. 
New amazing Artistry mascara, ELF eye liner, Artistry primer, Artistryeye cover up
Sonia K Travel makeup brushes
I'm sure I'll occasionally grab my 3D powder
and change up my makeup routine
[I'm a girl, it's what we do]
but I'm pretty sure this lil ELF baby
will be in rotation for a long time!

Any fun new makeup purchases on your end?

I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalkin', you should too!

********If anyone is interested in Artistry products, let me know. My mom sells them and they are amazing. Miss America uses them too, FYI ;)**********


Jenn said...

hahaha you're the car make up person. Love it :)
Love ELF products. They're amazeballs!

Jamie said...

Awesome. What a cool set.

Carolyn R said...

That's a great set! But I'm still yelling at you about doing makeup in the car. :)

Georgina Castellucci said...

You're so bad! But I do it too sometimes honestly so.. :)
Glad to pop by again and see that you're doing so well!


Illegally Blonde said...

stop the clock... your mom sells artistry?!? We need to talk....

Blue Dog Belle said...

Love this. I'm so impressed you can accomplish all of that in 30 minutes. I need to take a lesson.

xo, Emily

Holly said...

First of all, your morning routine is amazing! I wish I could do all that in 30 minutes. And to even consider the gym in the AM (or the PM for that matter)... I'm jealous!

And I have yet to try ELF products but I keep reading good things about them!

SHAYNA said...

LOL! You sound like me, except way more productive within your 30 minutes! HAHA! I hardly ever leave the house with make-up on. I'm lucky if I get to put it on at work super early. Shhhh! :)

Fried Pink Tomato said...

Girl we have the same routine. Except I don't even bother with breakfast. I prefer 5 extra minutes of sleep over a bagel any day! haha. I try to do my make-up in the car but now I am at the point where I just stopped doing make-up some days all together. Please tell me more about these Elf products. People keep blogging about them. What's the deal?

Laura Darling said...

I love ELF products! I've tried to do my makeup in the car but I always end up getting it all over my clothes!

Janna Renee said...

I just laughed out loud while reading this. You are too funny ;) I won't judge you for putting on your makeup in the car. Especially if you only do it at lights.

Enjoying the Epiphany said...

I love your blog! I found you on the blog hop and am your newest follower. I was kinda, maybe, sorta hopin' you would pop on by and follow me back!


Nikki said...

I love that I dont wear make up to work so I can roll outta be throw on sweats throw my hair up and go but man do I LOVE to put my makeup on on the weekends! Whats this about the products your mom sells? She have a website? Id love to check it out!

Unknown said...

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