December 4, 2012

NOLA Night and Day 1 Recap

Here we are friends, it's my 12 day vacation recap!


Please bear with  me, because there is a lot happening
and lots and lost of pics.

If you want the quick version,
the first night was an awesome plane ride
then drunky times with friends
on Bourbon street!

For the rest of you, this is where you start reading.

We left late Thursday night and were on
'the couples' plane'
which was hysterical.

Basically, all of the kickball couples on our team
booked the same flight unknowingly.
Everyone was hyped before we boarded the plane,
but once we were in the air
everyone passed out.

Well, minus myself, C and one other cool kid ;).

A very uneventful flight later
we were in NOLA and ready to partay.

Most of the kickball kids were staying at a rented home together,
but since I can't sleep with noise
C and I got a hotel room at the host hotel.

NOLA cabs make BANK from the airport,
because they charge you out the ying yang.
C, another friend and I decided to do something different
to save $10. We jumped on a bus
with a bunch of random people instead.
Party bus and cheaper....YES PLEASE!

Super fun party bus to the hotel

The bus was awesome, but took a lot longer than a cab since we had to drop off other people. Within a hour we were at our hotel and checking in and unpacking. I was a smarty pants and flew in my going out outfit, because I knew we were going to land pretty late [almost 11pm, 12am eastern time].

Once we freshened up, it was BOURBON STREET TIME!

The Kickerball meet and greet was at Pat O'Brien's
and even though it was late
C and I headed that way to meet people.


Special place in my heart now < 3
Well, wouldn't you know everyone had already left Patty O's and headed
to a different place called Bourbon Heat.

Our team had basically taken over the bar, which was awesome.
C and I had to do some MAJOR catching up
drinking wise cause people were HAMMERTIMED out!

And hey, since it was vacation, why not?
New fav picture alert

Me and my cohost for the Kickball podcast
As we left the bar, I saw this RANDO dude with a huge fro and HAD to get
a picture with him. I'm so strange!
[paging drunk pinky ;)]

The night was a blasty and we didn't stumble home
until 3am [4am eastern time].
Bed never felt so gooooooooooood!

The next morning, Friday, we dragged our butt's out of bed early
to get to breakfast
at the historical Cafe Du Monde.

If you've never been to Cafe Du Monde, it is a MUST when you visit NOLA.
Make sure you plan to get there early,
or you will be waiting in line for awhile.
But, the wait is SOOOO worth it!

The beignets are out of this world, for serious!
So light and fluffy and drenched in powdered sugar, yum!

After breakfast, we walked around for a bit before we met up with friends.

Bourbon street is 203483028423 times different during the day than at night.

After some sight seeing, we met up with friends in front of this Voodoo shop for a cemetery tour. I'm all about learning history in new towns, so this was right up my alley.

Our tour guide was exactly what you would expect for a cemetery tour. His mannerisms and figure couldn't have been more spot on.
He was so knowledgeable and funny,
which made learning about the beginnings
of NOLA was so interesting.

Below are different pictures of crypts in the cemetery lot we toured.
If you want to read something interesting,
google NOLA cemetery plots, fascinating stuff I tell you.

This is Nicholas Cage's tomb......what a weirdo!

This guy is missing a head because of Jack Nicholas back in the day.
And, this vandalism is why studios
 CAN NO LONGER film in NOLA cemeteries.

These next two pictures of the voodoo Queen Maria's tomb. People still come to pay tribute to her or ask for her help in matters of the heart.

After the tour we had some time to kill until our GHOST tour later that evening.
That recap will be up tomorrow!


Carolyn said...

OMG! Love it! I LOVE that pic of you and C! it's a framer FOR SURE!

I am ALL about history, and would have LOVED that tour! I've never really wanted to go to NOLA, but after seeing all the history, maybe it'll be added to my list! Can't wait for the next recap!

Nikki said...

LOVE that pic of you and C! Sounds like you had a good time! I have always wanted to go to NOLA thanks for fueling the fire!

Jenn said...

hahaha I like the hammertimed out! VERY cute pic of you and C :)

Janna Renee said...

Oh Beignets! Those are my fave...I also like your hat. So Nola appropriate!