December 5, 2012

Ghost Tour and Nola Night 2

After our cemetery tour earlier in the day, it was time to get some food.

A big group of us headed to a famous Po Boy shop for lunch and
it was mmm, mmm, good!

So good, we all needed a nap to recover before our ghost tour.

Yes, that's right, ghost tour

The same company that puts on a the cemetery tour,
provides a ghost tour in the evening. 

For the record, I DO NOT believe in ghosts,
but I find people who do intriguing.
[not judging, just don't believe in ghosts]

So, when this tour was suggested by friends
I thought it would a lot of fun
and maybe a lil bit creepy.

I'm normally not one for creepy,
but they promised there would NOT be 
any form of anyone jumping out at us.
No creepers, okay by me!

Our guide was....ummm...interesting. 
I would NOT want to get into an altercation of ANY kind with him.
He was fun though
and enjoyed telling the ghost stories.

I was advised by C to set my camera
to Black & White mode
to try and capture 'unnatural' activities.

This home was the sight of a grisly fire and double murder. An older opera singer killed her lover because he was cheating on her with a younger woman. That same night, the opera house burned and killed her too. People have claimed to see an 'orb' flying from the opera house to this home in the wee hours of the morning. 

There were many stories about this hotel. 
One was about ghost children playing jokes on guests.
Different people have had pictures of themselves
show up on their camera film after staying here.
The kicker, they are pictures from above
while they were sleeping.

This home is where a mafia hit went wrong. People see the ghosts of two Italian men on the street dying, as they were shot by the family when they defended themselves. Our tour guide is the guy everyone is looking towards in the picture.

There were two bar stops on our tour. The first one was at the second oldest bar in North America. They served some SERIOUS drinks....super strong y'all. 

Our guide told us a creepy story about the bar. There is a lady ghost that frequents the area. One night, one of the bar tenders was closing up the bar alone and had to use the restroom before she left. Well darn if there wasn't enough TP for her. Apparently, she spoke out loud " I need toilet paper" and someone handed her some under the door.

The last bar we went involved a sad romance. 
Way back in the day, the bar was a brothel and a young girl fell in love with a sailor. 
He had to go on one last trip, and then he promised he would marry her. 
She waited and waited and waited, for over year and nothing.
Then one day his ship came back and she went to meet her love.
Sadly, he had died during the journey, but left her his
wages from the journey, about $62 today.
She was heartbroken and stayed in her room crying for 3 days straight,
before she hung herself on this tree.

Her ghost is said to haunt the bar. She will often play practical jokes on women in the bathroom, locking them in stalls. All you have to do is say 'Mary knock it off' and the lock suddenly works.
People have also randomly found $62 on the bar floor. 

The tour was a lot of fun and I truly enjoyed our guide and the experience. 
If you are ever in NOLA, I highly recommend doing a ghost tour.

After the tour was over, the group headed out to find a fun dinner spot.
The food in NOLA is so amazing, I'm hungry just thinking about all the choices. 

After a very entertaining dinner, with two mega hammer time teammates we all headed back out to Bourbon street for another kickball party. Since it was Friday, more teams were in town and it was fun chatting with different people. One of the harder parts of kickball, is figuring out who everyone is outside of their uniforms. Kickballers in real clothes are so weird ;)

Yeah, I see you honey.

Wide angle of Bourbon street from the second party night.

Reppin' those Kent State Golden Flashes, whoop whoop!

C and I were still recovering from the night before, 
so we left the party around midnight. 
Bourbon street was still going strong when we walked home. 

We needed to get our sleep because the next day
SISSYS were in town
and it was the day before game day.


Shannon Page said...

I have a sister that would LOVE going on a ghost tour like that - that's so cool!!

Jenn said...

EEEp, the ghost tour sounds creeps. Esp with pictures of people sleeping at night on their camera! Yikes! I just got goosebumps! haha
You look like a skinny minny in your photo with C--cuteness :)

Carolyn said...

OMG! That tour is right up my alley. I love creepy ghost stuff. That sailor story is so sad!! :(

This is making me think that I need to meet you. Like now. Is it summer/baseball season yet? ;)

Janna Renee said...

It's funny, I HATE horror movies, but I LOVE ghost tours and haunted houses!! So cool!

Janna Renee said...

It's funny, I HATE horror movies, but I LOVE ghost tours and haunted houses!! So cool!

Holly said...

The ghost tour sounds like a blast though I probably would have been spooked! Can't wait to read more reviews :)