December 13, 2012

Thoughts on a Thursday


1] Those flowers are JUST FOR YOU! SMILE :)

2] Yes, I know I still owe y'all recaps, but gosh darn it, blogger is being a REAL PILL! I've reached my 'quota' for pictures so I can't straight upload them anymore. Since I couldn't upload all my vacay pictures, I thought, why not make a slide show?!!? Did it and almost pulled my hair out, was happy with it and now the video won't load. GAH! My girl, CLo, told me how to use photo bucket, which I am doing now, but it's a pill too. I'll be happy to share my 'photobucket' knowledge with anyone who asks and I also found a great blogpost about stickin' it to Blogger ;)! [jerks]

3] Y'all made me laugh with your comments regarding my makeup in the car post. Thank you for not yelling too much, but I will allow the Tsk Tsking.

4] People in this world are CAH to the RAZY! Have you heard about the story regarding a crazy inmate that plotted to kill the Beibs?!?! He had men driving to NY to snatch him from Madison Square Gardens, strangle him and then Lorena Bobbett him. WHAT THE FRISBEE!?!?! Poor Justin, that just sounds scary!

5] I realize I complain too much about trivial things. Traffic, the cold, lines, people talking over me, work, all small things when you think about the world. I'm reading the NY Best Seller "Unbroken" and wow is all I have to say. Do yourself a favor and pick that book up. Amazing!

6] My dad introduced me to a new APP and it's awesome. Search for "Sleep Time" [i got the free one] and prepare to be amazed. Well, if you sleep alone that is. "Sleep Time is a smart alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns and will wake you up at the perfect moment of your slightest sleep phase" App store. Basically you turn the APP on, set your alarm and then place your phone face down on the bed and it will analyze your sleep patterns. How cool is that?!?! I used it once this week and check it out:
Cool right?!?!? Y'all without bed buddies [winkwink] should try it out, let me know what you think!

7] My mom's Kitchen Aid mixer makes baking SO MUCH EASIER! I had to make cupcakes last night and was able to multi-task like a champ with that blessed invention. Now, I just need the willpower to NOT eat any cupcakes before they leave my house.

8] I think it's my turn to win the lottery! Yep, it really is my TURN!!!

Have a great day kids!


Nikki said...

I use photobucket to put my pics in my posts all the time! I love it personally! I have to check out that app! Thanks for sharing!

Jenn said...

Unbroken was the book that I read this summer and said was AMAZEBALLS and it is. MG told me about it and I'm so glad that he did.
They're making a movie about it soon!

Carolyn R said...

I'm really confused as to how that app works. HAHA Does it count your movements or something? WEIRD!

Illegally Blonde said...

Love this app, when i don;t knock it off my bed and must get this book, have a HUGE fascination with WW@,....

Janna Renee said...

Wow that sleep app is cool. I'll keep my bed buddy, though ;)