December 14, 2012

My Heart is Heavy

My eyes are over flowing.

In case you have yet to hear [and I doubt anyone hasn't] there was a horrific shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut this morning.

Some messed up man, went into the school, into a kindergarten class and open fired. 

KILLING multiple children and adults trying to stop the tragedy.

Thankfully, he he is dead. But, so are so many innocents.

Here is the story so far, keep refreshing to read more.

As I read I find it hard to breath, to think, to not cry, to eat. 

How does this happen?

Who could do such a thing?


I feel like I've been punched in the gut

All of those lil babies gone.

Parents sent their children to school and now, they will never come home. 

There are presents under trees that will never be opened.

Dreams that will never be achieved.

Hearts that will never heal.

People are going to start the blame game:
It's guns
It's TV
It's video games
It's lack of mental health testing

But they are all wrong, it's none of that.

It is someone having a LACK of regard for life.

A lack of hope in their life.

A lack of God in their life.

His twitter account was full of depressing tweets
quotes and full of signs.

He needed help.

I can't bring those children or adults back.

I can't heal their pain.

I can't fix anything and that breaks my heart
even more.

All I can do is pray!

All I will do is pray!

Father in heaven, 
Look down on those suffering below. Grant them your
everlasting peace and love. Send your Holy Spirit
to wrap them in your loving arms.
I pray for America, I pray for our world.
Bring us peace once again. 


Carolyn R said...

My heart is breaking too. :(

Janna Renee said...

It is horrendous. My heart is with the families of all the victims.

Laura Darling said...

So so devastating.