January 22, 2013

Day 4: Cruisin' at Sea

So it was finally here.

Our last day on the cruise ship.

WOMP WOMP, sad trombone.

It was so crazy realizing that 
our vacation was almost over. 

C and I were not very happy campers.

However, we tried to make the best of 
our last day and really soaked up
the sun and our down time.

We laid on the back deck for awhile
trying to catch a few rays,
but they were few and far between.

So, what do you do when you can't tan?

We spent a lot of time snacking at the buffet,
drinking hot chocolate
and reading. 

There was also a lot of napping.

I guess we were trying to save up sleep
for when we got back home ;)!

Before dinner,
we took in one of the most 
I have ever seen. 

It was incredible watching the sky 
change color
and the sun dip below the ocean. 

I know the picture of us isn't very good,
and we both look very sleepy
and frumpy,
but I really wanted to capture
that exact moment.

I was so happy to be there with C,
so in love with him
and so happy about my life. 

Truly hard to put into words,
but I was soooooo content
and googly eyed happy.

 Dinner that night was bitter sweet. 
We both enjoyed the food,
but were definitely feeling the effects
of not eating clean 
and indulging too much. 

But, it was sad to say goodbye
to are sweet servers
and to being treated like a princess
at the dinner table. :)!

All of the servers sang 
"Leaving on Jet Plane"
to the dining room and it
was so cute

Immediately after dinner, we went
back to our room to pack up 
our luggage and room. 

We decided that when we debarked 
the ship, we wanted to do
"the easy way"
and let the cruise workers
worry about our luggage.

That meant that we needed to 
have everything packed up
and waiting outside our room
by midnight that evening. 

Surprisingly, we packed up rather quickly
and were able to truly enjoy
our last evening.

We had a few drinks on deck, 
walked around
and then spent most of the evening
hanging out in the piano bar.

The pianist was hilarious,
and really talented. 
He had a very dry sense of humor
and added a LOT 
of adult language to normally
very clean songs.

This promted a lot of sing-a-longs
and wouldn't you know,
won an award aka
for knowing ALL the words to

Classic right?!?

We stayed in the bar until 1ish
and then decided to turn in.
We had to be up around 7am
to eat breakfast and then
debark the ship. 

Our cruise adventure was finally at an end,
and even though I was super bummed,
I was happy and contnet
with all the wonderful memories
made with the love of my life. 

Debarkation Day
and our last day in NOLA.


Jenn said...

Sad trombone haha...I like that. I feel like I'm playing the sad trombone today, too.

Sounds like the whole trip was super nice :)

Carolyn said...

Sounds like the perfect last day! I love that picture of you guys on the deck, and your dress is SO CUTE! And the music, perfect last day music. :)

Nikki said...

I know I told you this but I must say it again CRUISE NEXT MONTH! Sooooooo excited!

Janna Renee said...

Of course you know all the words to Baby Got Back. Haha. I can see it now...

Holly said...

I'm loving that sunset, gorgeous! The perfect ending to the perfect trip. And you two look so incredibly happy!