January 21, 2013

Bowling and Click-Clack

'Ello Monday.

Not trying to be rude or anything,
but today I'm talking about
Friday, Saturday and Sunday,


Friday the fam and Le Beau
went to dinner together at
to celebrate Mama B's belated
and C's Birthday.

We stuffed ourselves silly,
and enjoyed a fun night together.

After dinner the sissys and Le Beau
hit up the bowling alley
for his 'Birthday Party'.

Yes, my low key man
just wanted to go bowling for
his birthday celebration.

Do I have a keeper or what?!

We all had a blasty bowling,
and I played really well.

I even beat the birthday boy on game!

Saturday morning was filled with
errands and brunch with
friends and their 2 month old.

She slept most of the time,
but was super cute.

Once they left, C and I just CHILLED OUT
for the first time in forever.
WE even took a NAP!

For dinner, we cooked an amazing
and delicious meal,
which I'll post later.

What, you want a preview?
Okay, waddaya think?

While eating, we watched the CAPS lose.
WAAAAAY bummer but thank FLIPPIN' PUCKS
hockey is back! Love me some hockey!

Sunday morning we both woke up
under the weather,
so nurse Pinky came out to play.

I loaded us both up on echinachia,
garlic pills, Airborn, fluids and drugs.

Luckily everything combined together
seemed to help which was important,
because we had a date we

Sunday afternoon was spent

Yup, I'm a proud supporter of our
2nd amendment right.

I've been around guns many times in my life,
and have a deep respect for what
carelessness and guns can cause.

Whenever we head to Tennessee
the family hits up the gun range
for fun shooting time.

C purchased a gun a few months back,
and I told him we HAD to take a safety course
before the gun is allowed to be used.

We found a class online and booked it
for this past Sunday.


The instructor was incredibly informative,
diligent in safety information,
awesome at answering all questions
and very engaging.

The class was four hours long,
but it FLEW by.

We covered ammunition, caliber,
safety, styles, loading and reloading,
 semi autos, revolvers,
SAFETY, grips, shooting stance
and did I mention safety?!!

The last hour was spend on the gun range,
and there were ten different types
of guns to shoot.

Our instructor walked us through two shots
as a group, and then we were
given the go ahead to shoot
whatever gun we wanted.

I had fun shooting bopping from station to station,
trying to improve my aim each time.

I enjoyed the revolvers a lot,
but my heart was with the
Sig Sauer P238 .380.

It's a small semi-automatic
and perfect for me.
I'm not sure when I'll purchase,
I need to do a lot more research first.

I'm really glad we took this class,
and look forward to taking the
intermediate later on in the year.

I want to learn how to take a gun apart,
clean it and then put it back together.

Hopefully I'll get my act together
and get the necessary things done
before this administration tries to take away
my rights.

Making guns illegal won't help the problem.
The gang bangers in my community
obviously don't care about laws,
so why should I be penalized
for their dumb@$$ness?!?!

Agree or disagree that's fine,
but you can't argue that
a gun isn't an intimate object
and therefore CAN'T do anything wrong.

Humans, and dumb humans
are the problem,
not guns.

Okay, soapbox over!

I hope y'alls weekend was wonderful.
I'm jealous of all of those off today,
I'm sitting at my cold cubicle at work.

Take a nap for me kay?!



Laura Darling said...

I'm so glad that your sickness went away quickly! Would have been such a bummer to miss the gun safety class!

Ashley said...

Go second ammendment!! you rock girlfriend!! and what a fun weekend...i am not a club girl so bday bowling sounds perfect!

Carolyn said...

So glad you had a good weekend! I love bowling, but I'm HORRIBLE! :)

I've never shot a gun, and they actually really scare me, but I can totally picture you shooting one. Please buy a pink one. Please. :)

Janna Renee said...

I support the Second Amendment too! Woohoo! Glad y'all weren't to sick to go!