January 10, 2013

Day One: Cruising at Sea

Our first day at sea was exactly what the doctor ordered.

We woke up late and enjoyed a delicious seated breakfast
in the grand dining room.

While the service was good, there were not
as many selections as we expected
so we decided from then on out to try the breakfast buffet.

The plan was to eat breakfast and then lay on the deck
to read and get some sun.

Well, the weather didn't quite work out for sunning unfortunately,
but we made the most of it.

We walked around, read our Kindle's drank some drinks and just chilled.

Earlier in the day I had seen something about an art auction
which offered free champagne,
and immediately thought "champagne and pictures, I'm in".

I draaaaaaaaaaaagged C along with me promising we could leave
 once I was done drinking.
Well, wouldn't you know, after about 15 minutes I was soooo ready to leave
and Mr. C was totally into auction.

An hour and five paintings later we were finally leaving.
Yup, C bought 5 Andrew Chen paintings that are absolutely breathtaking.
I'll try and attach a picture later this week.

Have I mentioned the 2304830 opportunities to take
a nap when on a cruise?!?!

Our second night's dinner was formal attire so
after our nap it was time to get ready.

Y'all, when I say formal, I mean formal.

There were so many floor length gowns,
men in tuxes or their military uniforms
and pretty much every other kind
of formal attire you could imagine.

Carnival also provides free photo shoot opportunities
throughout the ship.
They had different backdrops every day,
depending on each day's theme.

 For formal night, there were pianos to pose with, prom-esque backdrops
and they used their main staircase, a la Titanic.
The photo shoots were free and then the next day
they had proofs you could view and then decided
whether or not to purchase them.

C was quite taken with the photos shoots,
so we participated in pretty much
every single one on formal night.

Y'ALL, I don't know HOW I'm going to do engagement or wedding pictures.
 I get a SERIOUSLY case of the giggles trying to be all romantic
or googly eyed in pictures.
C was a pro, but I couldn't STOP laughing, Lawd have mercy.

I wish I had pictures to share, but they were uber expensive and
of course we weren't allowed to take a picture of a picture, wah!

 Dinner that night was very upscale and delicious,
including lobster, steak and foi gras.
 I was so full I almost didn't have room for the amazing lava cake dessert,
but I don't worry, I found room! ;)

 Once dinner was over, we walked around on deck,
grabbed a couple drinks at the piano bar
 and then called it a night.

We had to be up early for our excursion in
Progreso, Mexico the next morning.

Enjoy our day one slide show!

Tomorrow, Progreso Mexico Excursion recap!


Nikki said...

I totally feel ya on the whole giggling when you "need to be serious" situations for pictures. I am the same way! LOL! I always love formal nights on cruises! So much fun getting dressed to the nines!

Jenn said...

Sounds like another day of fun and bliss!
And giggles :)

KRISTIN said...

Ugh, I'm so jealous! I absolutely LOVED the cruises we went on when I was a kid. And some adult beverages on a ship deck sounds pretty-darn-amazing right about now.

Carolyn R said...

Looks so perfect! I love the dress in the last picture! SO CUTE!

Also - this music was a little more spicy then yesterdays! HAHA Love it! :)

Kelly { Messy.Dirty.Hair.} said...

This sounds so relaxing & perfect!

Janna Renee said...

Love the montage!! I wanna go on a cruise again sooo bad! If only we could get the dates figured out. As for Engagement photos, they are YOUR photos and if you want to be fun and giggly for them instead of romantic, then so be it. I think you will have fun with yours for sure ;)