October 4, 2013

I Plead Guilty

It's been awhile since I wrote out some confessions and I've missed the fun and cathartic release. Yes, I would like to plead guilty to the following:

I confess... I am a bazillion kinds of excited to have my rings back. I missed them terribly while they were getting re-sized and soldered together, my hand just felt nekkid. But since Tuesday, all three are back and sitting pretty on my hand. All is right with the world. :)

I confess... I have been majorly distracted at work lately. Like procrastinating like it's finals week of senior year distracted. I find myself spending more and more time reading blogs, writing posts, and perusing the internet than actually doing work. It's crazy because now that I'm not 100% wedding brained I find myself bored. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh, someone needs a new job right?

I confess... This article makes me wanna raise a big cheer for the good guys. I was immediately intrigued when the story broke late Wednesday afternoon and have been fascinated ever since. This dude set up an online website to sell drugs/weapons/hits for hire, say what?!?! Yeah, but don't worry, the FBI did their work and busted him at a library on Wednesday. "Bad boys Bad boys, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when the come for you"?

I confess... I was pretty devastated when I read author Tom Clancy died on Wednesday. Daddy got me hooked on his books about ten years ago and I really enjoyed them all. Clancy was the first American action/fiction author I really got into and he started my love of espionage/cia/americathegreat books. Jack Ryan has become one of my favorite novel heroes, he always gets the job done and cuts through the bs. Thanks for the great reads Mr. Clancy, you and your writing will be missed!
I confess... for the first time IN MY LIFE, I'm a tad bit ashamed to be an American. This whole government shut down is completely embarrassing. And I don't think people not living in the DC Metro area realize what the government shut down actually means. It means a ton of my friends and my dad are not working or being paid as are many others in the area. It means school trips that were scheudled for DC are cancled. It means wedding plans and pictures settings will have to be changed. I have my opinion WHO'S fault it is, but right now all that matters is getting people back to work and getting paid.

I confess... Pandora 90s Pop radio is still my go to station to get my groove on or my back ground noise when I need to focus. The music just makes me happy!

I confess... I can't believe our Vegas trip is next week. This year has FLOWN by and now it's time to defend our title. It's going to be awesome this year because both sissys are coming to play in Vegas too! WOOP! WOOP!

I confess... NCIS on Tuesday made me teary. I'm so sad Ziva David is gone and the goodbye between here and Tony was so heart-wrenching. Please come back Ziva, purdy please!
Photo: Re-watch the #Tiva goodbye: http://bit.ly/1a0wey8. #NCIS
I confess... being a newlywed is the best thing ever! Mushy-gushy happiness and just all out fun. So happy, so blessed, sooooooooooo schmoopy!

Happy Happy Friday friends!


Jamie said...

I totally agree that I don't think that people not in the area don't understand the full extent of he impact on real families who are not getting their regular paychecks. It's devastating to so many families.

Jenn said...

YAY for having the rings back...I know how this feels with the engagement ring...I can only imagine not having any of them. So sad. But glad it's back!
I'm ashamed, too....need to get the act together and get things right.

Courtney B said...

Oh my GOSH! I got chills when I read about NCIS. We don't have satellite, only netflix and NCIS isn't on netflix so I am a couple seasons behind but I am SO SAD! I love the show and I love Ziva AND I've always thought she and Tony should be togettttther. BAH! Obviously I need to just go buy the seasons so that I can get caught up on the story line!
How fun you'll be in Vegas! I only live a couple hours away!

Your Beauty Fix said...

Happy you finally have your ring back and it fits well! Your newly-wed mushy-ness is adorable!!


http://sweetcanadian.blogspot.com/ said...

i so want to hear all about your vegas trip when you get back. where you stayed, ate etc. I don't need details right now as that whole creepy stalker internet thing can scare people but after your gone & back home it's ok lol

Jenna said...

Your rings are gorgeous and I love your mani! The hot pink accent nail is fab! I may have to rock this mani myself!

I don't live in the DC area, but my husband is active duty army and, so, we are seeing the repercussions of the shutdown. My kids go to a military school NONE of their teachers are getting paid, but they show up every day and dedicate their time to my kids. I am grateful for them. However, I think it is crappy that these people are expected to still show up to their place of employment, despite the fact that they are not getting paid. I hope this nonsense ends soon.

Have a great trip!

Illegally Blonde said...

Stay happily newlywed forever

Laura Darling said...

Pandora nineties pop radio sounds amazing!!! Why have I not thought of that yet?! And I'm glad your rings are back! My fiance wants to take my ring cleaned and I keep saying no because I don't want to be without it!

Alisha said...

So in love with your rings + statement nail! Adorable!!

Pandora 90's Pop - Awesome!

I sort of agree with you on the shut down #embarrassing.