October 18, 2012

Kickball Vegas Weekend: Game Day

Saturday was the day.

The day all the hard work and money paid off,
was just a big waste of time.

We were up bright an early to get breakfast from Earl of Sandwich
and to catch the free shuttle to the fields.

C and I were the first of our team to reach the fields,
and it was nice to quietly sit together,
look at all the fields and just send
good vibes into the atmosphere.

Then it was warm up time,
to get ready for pool play.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with kickball tournaments
let me break it down for you:

The morning consists of 4 Pool play games.

The top two teams from each pool
plus a wild card or two
move on to the elimination rounds
after lunch.

Because WAKA is such a huge phenomenon,
there were 60 teams at Founders Cup.

Yeah, 60 teams!

But, to be fair, WAKA isn't really known for the
COMPETITIVE side of kickball.

Most teams are more of a social outlet,
which is 110% cool by me.
I love the drinking and bar part of kickball,
I just like the winning too ;)!

OSC sailed through the morning competition with ease,
not being cocky, but we had an easy
pool draw.

Worst part of the morning was C still being sick.
Poor guy completely lost his voice all day Saturday.
Seriously, he couldn't say a word, it was so sad :(!
It also was a major blow for our defense
because he is the defensive coordinator and voice
when we play.

I saved the day after lunch by forcing green Starbucks tea
down his throat, so he was able to whisper.
If boys just listened to the GFs ;)!

The round of 32 and 16 were easy,
we really weren't tested until
the elite 8.

We played ODB and they were the first team
to have a lead on us.
Through smart decisions, base running, kicking,
bunting and defense
we were able to battle back to make it to
the Final Four.

We played a West Coast team
and let me tell you,
the sidelines were
ROCKING with West Coast support.

One of the awesome parts of Founders Cup
was how many teams stuck around
after they were eliminated.

WAKA provided beer trucks and food at the fields
so most people ended up getting hammered
while watching the Semis and Finals.

There had to be a good 100-200 people hanging out
during the finals.
Granted most of them were rolling down the hills
hammered, but still, it was noisy.

We won the semi's 1-0 and it was
a hard fought game.
Lots of people left on base
and an awesome push by our midline up dudes.

I had some good plays at 2nd and backing up 3rd.
I wish my bunting had been better, but oh well.
Finally it was time to play the finals.
And wouldn't you know, the team we played in the finals
was from VA beach,
so EAST COAST BEST COAST, what what?!?

We went down 1-0 in the first inning.
By the 4th it was still 1-0 them.
I was lead off to bunt
and wouldn't you know,
I foul out.


But wait, I didn't foul out, because the pitcher encroached
so I was awarded 1st base automatically.
What up pink socks!
C kicked after me
and I advanced to 2nd.
From there the team did an awesome job
bunting and kicking
and I was able to slide into home to tie the game.

They go to kick and we are holding them,
but I make a horrible read
and play the ball 100% wrong
so they score.
Top of the 5th.

If we don't score a run, they win
because we chose to be away.

The weirdest thing was,
even though I KNEW I messed up
and could have cost the championship for my team,
some how I KNEW it would be okay.

I don't know why or how,
but there was no FEAR in my stomach
or anxiety.
Everyone on my team told me to shake it off,
we would be fine.
And I 100% believed them.
We weren't going to lose this way!

And, as you know we didn't.
Our middle lineup came up huge again and we managed
to score 4 runs.
Our defense played lights out
and the game was ours!

OSC were champs and
it felt SO GOOD!

Team picture with WAKA officials

I was so happy we won, but my greatest joy was sharing the win with C. We both had worked so hard to stay in shape and practice to win, and finally the moment was ours. After jumping up and down with everyone, I jumped on him and just hugged him. That feeling, that moment, was pretty freaking special.

My favorite teammate

 We did it HONEY, we DID IT! 

As corny as this sounds, I've wanted this trophy for 2 years.

Once the celebration died die and the standard calls to family and friends, along with the standard tweeting and Facebook posting, it was time to jump on the champagne bus to the hotel. The ride was awesome. Waka provided bottles of champagne and we linked up our iPods for a dance celebration party. I'd show you pictures, but well, those are classified ;)!

After every tournament, C and I eat pizza so we grabbed a few slices from Miracle Mile and got ready for the after party. The team gathered to pre game and the time everyone spent in the hotel room together was pretty tender. Everyone gave a small speech and well all just reveled in the moment of winning. Then, it was time to party.

And party we did. The venue was crowded with kickballers and there was a pretty awesome cover band. The bar was completely understaffed, but I was already feeling good from the champagne and Jack I consumed earlier in the evening. I had a blast dancing with teammates, making new friends and feeling like a mini celebrity at the bar. People knew we had won and it was pretty awesome. 

Obligatory couple bar picture...C was super excited huh?

Yes, my skirt really was that short....
It's Vegas people ;)

Lovely lady champs. So much fun dancing with the girls :)

Around 2ish I was dunzo, both tired and tipsy so a group of us headed back to the hotel. 

Saturday was one of the most tiring, most fun, and most memorable days in my kickball career. 

I love my team, I love winning and I love my boyfriend. 

Oh, yeah...guess who's getting that LV purse!?!?!?



Nikki said...

This is so cool! What an awesome experience! I'm so happy for you and tour team your hard work most definitely paid off for y'all! Sounds like the after party was a blast as well! Congrats again girl!

Jenn said...

Congratulations again! So fun that you and C get to share those moments together.
And, I really like C in glasses! He looks very dapper! :)
Well done Pinky!!! Keep on kickin A!

Janna Renee said...

Oh no! C sick? Well all that matters is that you WON!!! Woohoo!

Carolyn said...

DUDE! That recap gave me chills, and I already knew you won! HAHAHAHA So happy for you! And you and C are adorable! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Holly said...

Loved the recap! Definitely some great memories made for you and C. How exciting!

And bring on that Speedy!!