October 17, 2012

Kickball Vegas Weekend: Day 1

Oh Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

Seriously, I could STOP the post with that sentence and be ok.

I mean, you know what they say...
"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"

except when the person going to Vegas is a blogger
and wins a Championship!

Please prepare for picture overload
and probably too much detail.

Like, my packing list for Vegas. But hey,
when you normally struggle with packing
any good packing job is a victory!

Small victories I tell you!

C and I left right after work Thursday night. My parents were super amazing and took us to the airport, super duper rockstars I tell you.

We made the flight, but were delayed leaving.
Which made for a very quick run from plane to plane
to make our connecting flight.

Luckily, we made it safe and sound
and enjoyed a funny, easy flight to Vegas.
We landed 12am Vegas time, which was 3am EST.
Let's just say I was a teensy weensy bit tired.

We stayed at the Elara which is amazing.

We slept in Friday, which was GLORIOUS!

We both wanted an amazing brunch, so we headed to Hash House
which was a place we randomly found last year.

Ladies, if you are EVER in Vegas GO TO HASH HOUSE!
Their food is amazing, the service fantastic and it's
such a fun place to eat. 
Ginormous pancake, nectarine mimosa, amazing coffee,
out of this world Eggs Benedict.

Meatloaf scramble....so good!

After eating we wandered around the strip, window shopping
and just relaxing until we met with our team at 2 for team registration.


It was awesome being with the team and hanging out with everyone,
it had been awhile since we all were together.
Once registration was done, we split up into groups to hang out
before our team dinner.

The boys went to watch baseball and chill,
while a few of the ladies headed to some of the
high end shops.

This may or may not have been my suggestion because
I just HAD to go into THIS STORE:
:::Cue angels singing:::
Yes, ladies, yes, I finally made it to the
LV store.


Ok not really, but I saw the Speedy I wanted
and all the girls told me I should buy the purse
if we won the tourney.
Hmmmmmmmm.....I like it ;)!

We had a team dinner later that evening
and even though the food was eh on my end,
I loved hanging with my team.

We are so much fun, for realz.
Blurriness is from the cage on the dance floor,
I was super excited to wear my new Lilly dress.
Wish I had a better picture, but check it out.
After dinner it was lights out,
since we had to get up early for the tourney
Saturday morning. 

But, you'll have to wait for tomorrow for the recap.

Trust me, you'll LOVE IT ;)!


Jenn said...

Those meals look AMAZE...and I am in LOVE with the dress that you were wearing! Super cute!!! Lemme borrow! :)

JMB said...

So, I was starting to talk about how amazing those breakfast skillets looked but then I keep scrolling and there you are, the little bombshell in a hot pink dress!! You looked smoking, sister!! I also love how you made a list to prepare for your trip! I am notorious for packing lists.

Jamie said...

Love that dress!

Holly said...

Looks like a great time so far! That breakfast looks ah-mazing! Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out. Can't wait to read more recaps!

KRISTIN said...

this makes me want to go on vacation SO bad! I love your color coded packing list! :)

Carolyn said...

OMG! YES! Vegas recap! This is a great post! Good work friend! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE that pink dress. OW OW hottie alert. HAHA Seriously though... I'm hungry now. Thanks for those food pics. :)

Janna Renee said...

That dress is so cute! Aaand so you ;)