October 22, 2012

Murphy's Law Monday

Oh my word y'all, today has been a day!

Just one of those Murphy's Law Mondays where everything seems to be a little nuts!

I'm so tired it's ridiculous, and don't you just love when people TELL YOU you look tired?!?! Guess my makeup job can't hide the bags under my eyes.

Basically I over slept my alarm this morning, spilled two cups of coffee, which caused me to leave my work computer at home. No US1 comp = no Internet = No blogging! #wah!

What's killing me is the fact I spent time writing my WEEKEND RECAP for Sami's linkup (which I've loved since I found it) and just needed to add pictures when I came in today. Cue sad trombone for not being able to edit and post :(!

So, I'm posting from my phone, to tell you THE RECAP WILL BE UP LATER TONIGHT OR TOMORROW! I know, I just saved your life huh? ;)

I hope your Monday has been nicer than mine and here's a sneak peek from my tiring weekend:


Jenn said...

Awww. I wondered why you weren't online! I hope your day gets better girl! *hugs*

Carolyn said...

Love the shoes! :) Can't wait to hear about the weekend!

Alana Christine said...

Umm...LOVE those shoes! They are amazing!

Holly said...

Oh my word I love those heels! Hope your day gets better :)

Shannon Page said...

Sorry to hear your day started out so crappy!! Those shoes are AMAZING though!!!

Trish said...

wow! that sounds like a horrible day! grab some wine and try to have a nice night!
love the shoes!

KRISTIN said...

I hate mornings like that! You spend the whole rest of your day trying to feel normal. And...when people say "you look so tired" is the WORST! Like, how do you respond to that?!

Erin said...

Ummm HELLLLO pink glittery heels. Please come my way.