October 30, 2012

Bunkered Down for the Duration

Hurricane Sandy is upon us y'all. 
{found on Facebook, don't know who to credit}
And before people get all feisty, YES I know this is a serious situation,
but I couldn't pass up this picture I found on Facebook.

Yesterday, my boss was awesome and let us all head home,
to allow us time to beat the bad weather. 
I worked from home at my place for a while,
but when the winds picked up,
I packed my things and walked the 40 feet 
to Le Beau's home.

He had all of our food, water and lanterns,
so it made sense for me to stay there. 

So right now you'll find us chilling out,
drinking wine, 
watching tv,
playing scrabble
and hoping the power stays on.

The height of the storm was supposed to hit around 8pm
Monday night and take us throughout 8pm today.
Winds were crazy face around 7 when I wrote this,
so I'm crossing fingers they don't get too cray-cray.

If you have a moment say a prayer for good old NOVA
and for the rest of the Eastern Seaboard
while #Sandy pummels the area. 

*love to those up North*


Illegally Blonde said...

Hope you are ok!

Carolyn said...

OMG! Love that pic! So funny! Stay safe my pretty pink friend! :) :) :)

Jenn said...

hahaha, I hadn't seen that picture yet!
Hope you guys survived and kept power! We managed to keep it here despite a couple of flickers.

KRISTIN said...

Glad you are somewhere safe! Hopefully the worst is over and the damage isn't too bad! Thinking of you girl!

Laura Darling said...

Hope you were okay through the storm! We lost power but that was the worst of it - thankfully!

Nikki said...

glad to know you are okay!

Holly said...

Hope it didn't hit too hard down your way! Stay safe!

Bitzy said...

HEY! Good to know you were OK during the storm & that work was supercool & let you work from home on Tuesday. With the extra time yesterday I uploaded a survey vlog and tagged you as someone I want to answer it next. You can view the questions & my responses here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bxm5rTwcu1Y

Michele said...

Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a blog award !

Janna Renee said...

Haha I've been hearing the rain dance thing and it is pretty funny! I'm sooo happy that it was not as bad as I thought. I just hope that NY/New Jersey come out of this okay and sooner than later!