October 12, 2012

Confession Friday's Letters

Hello Friday, so nice to see you!

Time to confess and dear it up okay?!!?

1] I confess I'm still on cloud 9 after winning the Waka Founder's Cup kickball championship. My first tournament win and it feels so good. So does the extra $500 in my pocket ;)!

A couple that wins together ;)

2] I confess I REALLY think I'm gonna use the extra $500 to buy myself a LV speedy. I've wanted one forever, but can't justify spending the money. Now, since THIS money is 'free', I don't feel so badly about the spending.

3] I confess Sporty Spice and I JUMPED UP AND DOWN on the field when Baby Spice called to tell us SHE PASSED THE BAR! Phew, a weight is off all of our shoulders and we are so proud of our Esquire.

4] I confess even though I only went to work for 3 days this week, it's been an uber long week. Vacation always seems to do that to me.

5] I confess last night's debate was kind of annoying to me. Better moderator but too much back and forth.

6] I confess yesterday was a happy sad day for me, but more sad. I love celebrating my parent's anniversary, but my heart always breaks when I remember Shane paying the ultimate sacrifice.

7] I confess I stink at writing recaps, but promise they will be up next week. PINKY [hahaha] promise.


Dear Vegas: Thank you for being so wonderful and not killing me. I love your city mucho, but a weekend is perfectly long enough. Dear WAKA: Thanks for running an awesome tournament. The 10K isn't bad either ;)! Dear OSC: What's up Champs?!?!? So happy to finally have won my first championship. Now, let's DO THIS in NOLA. Dear Le Beau: There's no one else I would rather have by my side winning or losing. Dear sickness: Time to check out of my body, like NOW! Dear Biden: You need to work on your laugh, you were a total #creeper last night. Laughing Biden masks for Halloween?!!? Dear Weekend: Please don't go by too quickly!


Randi said...

I agree! short weeks feel EXTRA long! happy Friday!

Illegally Blonde said...

Yay for bar passing and yes you need a LV speedy... its my go to goes with everything bag...

JMB said...

Thinking of you and the loss of Shawn, what an inspiration he is to our country and I know that you and your family will continue to carry his legacy. As for the political debate...we discussed this last night, I am still confused by it haha

Jenn said...

Yay for money to spend on fun things!!! Gotta love that :)

Super yay for sister and the bar!! Woop woop!

Holly said...

Congrats to your sister for passing the Bar! And you should sooo get the LV Speedy. It would be a great way to honor your tournament win :)

Kelly { Messy.Dirty.Hair.} said...

Get the speedy!!!!! You deserve it!!! I think every girl should have a nice purse...or two... Hehe xoxo

Carolyn said...

OMG! Please buy yourself that bag. PLEASE! You deserve it. ;)