October 23, 2012

Weekend Recap {late version}

This post is brought to you LATE
by Murphy's Law Monday!
Tuesday has been wonderful so far,
thank the saweet lawd!


Whew-E what a weekend y'all!

Sorry if you get annoyed with hear the above sentence, 
but get used to it until next year.

Every weekend has been and will be jam packed until after Thanksgiving, and then we've got the holidays too. Don't think I'm complaining, just a wee bit tired and looking forward to my relaxing cruise in November ;)!

Friday I had a dentist appointment (wah), but was able to swing working from home which was nice. I was able to clean my house and get everything packed for the weekend instead of running around like a crazy person after work. 

After a delicious roast C & I cooked, we hopped into the car to drive to my bffer T's house. Saturday was a mud run and the course was only 20 minutes away from her house, so she kindly agreed to house us Friday night. Plus, it was a great way to see her since she lives two-ish hours away. 

Once we arrived, it was time to play the catch up game. Her new boyfriend, D, was there and it was great to get to see them hangout together. She is so happy and C and D got along great, so that's great for double dates in the future :)!

Saturday morning we were up BRIGHT & EARLY to drive to the Rebel Race mud run. The farm was awesome and we arrived with plenty of time to check in and warm up. And then we were off. 

HOLY MOLY that race was hard!

I am/was soooooo out of shape. 

The obstacles were a lot of fun and tiring, 
but the running really got to me quick.


Honestly, as fun as the run was with C, I really didn't enjoy it while running. Looking back, there were a lot of fun moments, but I was struggling to finish without walking.

C was amazing and stayed back with me, even though 
I knew he wanted to push the pace.
[what a great guy]

Some of the fun obstacles were:
jumping over tires
monkey bars
jumping into a pond and swimming
over unders
slip and slide
wall climb
cargo net
bay jump after nasty p00p smelly water
[no there was no poop, but the silt water stunk to high heaven]

After the race, we grabbed lunch then hung out with T at her place.
She was kind enough to let us wash our nasty clothes in her washer,
what a great best friend right?!

As per tradition, we had a fun trip to Marshalls before dinner. 
Check out my AMAZING SHOES!

Guess shoes for $26 bucks....hellls yeah!

They are like my #pinkglitterycrayon color right?

I can't wait to BUST these babies out....

C & I cooked dinner as a thank you for T & D
and we even bought a birthday cake to celebrate
D's birthday a week early.

Even thought it was late, C & I jumped back into the car to drive home,
because I had to help transport my family to 
the pentagon to run the Army 10 Miler. 

Again, I was up and at em Sunday morning
to drop them off.

They looked so fabulous in their running gear.

C came to watch them run with me
and it was awesome cheering everyone on. 
I hope I can get back in shape, 
I really want to run the 10 miler next year.

Once the race was over
it was a full day of getting ish DONE at the apt.

I cleaned, did laundry, food prepped,
did laundry, organized,
put together a 'do not need' bag of clothes,
did laundry and cooked dinner. 

Of course my soccer team was short people
for our 10pm game so I had to show up and play.
We had no girls subs and the other team
basically had a line change.
We only lost by two, but I didn't have
a very good game.

Cheers to starting the week tired right!?!?

So, tell me about your weekend!



Nikki said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I wanna do one of those mud runs! I need to make that a goal for next year! this weekends weather was perfect for it!

Jenn said...

I love that you went to the mud run, and the next part of your post is glittery pink heels! :) SO you haha. Awesome that the fam did the 10-miler!

KRISTIN said...

What a fun weekend! Those mud runs scare the crap out of me!

Carolyn said...

Holy crap! What a weekend! I love love love those shoes! They're #pinksparkleycrayon for sure. :)