October 11, 2012

A Happy and Sad Anniversary

October 11th is a happy sad day for Pinky.

Growing up, October 11th always was a happy day.

A day of celebration, love and family.

October 11, 1980 Mama B and Daddy got all dressed up,
and said their
"I Dos"!

32 years later they are still IN LOVE, happy and
an amazing example of marriage.

I want what my parents have,
and I think that's why I've never felt the need
to just get married to be married.

I want their compassion, understanding, love, hope, faith
and happiness!

Thank you Mama B and Daddy for being such a wonderful
and awesome example of marriage.

and wish you
a GOBZILLION more years
of wedded bliss!
Check the wedding picture on the left :)

6 years ago began my journey grieving on October 11th.

6 years ago a college friend and amazing man gave the
ULTIMATE SACRIFICE for our country
and was Killed in Action
fighting in Iraq.

Shane epitomized life. He lived with zest, humor, love and
truly didn't know a stranger.

and I don't think I can top it this year.

I visit his grave every year,
leaving a flower
or note.
Just to say, I remember you and to silently
cry and pray for his family.

I still wear his name on a KIA bracelet everyday
as a reminder to LIVE the life I have been given.
And to remember those who are no longer with us.

Please take a moment today and remember,

We miss you Shane! Not a day goes by I don't think of you.


Carolyn said...

Happy anniversary to your parents! You look JUST LIKE your mom in that wedding pic! SO CUTE! :)

I'm thinking about you and your brave friend today! Love you!

Jenn said...

Happy anniversary to your parents!! I hope they have gob-zillions more years together, too (love the gob-zillions if you couldnt tell haha). Many thought to you, your friend, and his family today as well! *hugs*

Shannon Page said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents!!! Thinking of your friend today too and everyone who has lost their life at war:( He was truly a hero!!

Holly said...

Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad, too! How neat that they share the same special day and even in the same year!

Sending thoughts your way as you remember your dear friend today. What a great tribute to a true hero!

Megan said...

Happy anniversary to your parents! We all want a love like theirs!!

And he is definitely a hero...giving up his life for us!

Hilary said...

Firstly - thank you Shane for giving the ultimate sacrifice. If it weren't for people like you, we couldn't enjoy life as we know it. We owe you!

Thinking of you girl... and Happy Anni to your parents! XO