October 15, 2012

Wait, the weekend's over?!?

Big fat boo card!

Although, I might need the week to catch up on my sleep, this weekend was a doozy.

Friday night we had family dinner to celebrate BabySpice passing the bar. It was a great time with the family and Le Beau, we are a crazy awesome missmash of fun. I am SURE we left our server many fun stories to share with others. After dinner everyone was tired from the week so we went our separate ways. I stayed up WAY too late watching the Nationals lose after being up 6-0. Heart breaker! :(

Saturday after the farmer's market, I packed up and head down south to spend some time with my lil Fresh Prince. Mama and Daddy L were at a wedding and I was called in to help with babysitting the Fresh Prince later in the evening.

 The two of us had a blast, baking cookies, playing trains, enjoying the bday presents I bought him, talking [chatty cathy that one, so cute], going potty [hilarious, just hilarious], getting clean in the bath, reading stories and snuggling before bedtime. He is just TOO PRECIOUS!

Oh my lil Fresh Prince, you are SO BIG!

Funniest story of babysitting is a classic. Fresh Prince randomly told me that I was going to have a baby [!] because I had b00bs. Well, he didn't say b00bs, but pointed to my chest. I'm guessing since he sees Mama L breast feeding Princess Kate, he assumes all women with b00bs will have babies.

I explained to him that I am NOT going to have a baby for a long time because I am not yet married.

Fresh Prince: But, Pinky, why aren't you married?
Pinky: Ummm....because I'm not ready I guess.
FP: Well, you should be ready and get married.
Pinky: *blinks* ok......
FP: Yes, get ready and get married.

He proceeded to tell me this 3 times throughout the evening.

Guess it's time to get married huh!?! ;)

After bed time, I stayed up and worked on a scrap book from my trip to Spain...
Not the timeliest clock in the shop, but hey, it's getting done.

I wish I could show you some of the pictures,
I was TINY!

Anyway, once the L's came home, Mama L and I stayed up way too late catching up,
talking about life and the past.
I say it every time, but I'm so blessed to have her in my life.

Sunday morning we were up early with the kids, enjoyed a fun breakfast at her parent's house and I got some quality cuddle time with Princess Kate. She is so precious!

My two favorite kids...Princess Kate and Fresh Prince

Mid morning I whisked Mama L away to the salon for a mani/pedi. She turned 30 at the beginning of the month and I wanted to give her the gift of pampering and luxury. We even snuck champagne into our orange/mango flavored water, I seriously felt like I was in high school haha.

Despite the rushed employees, we both enjoyed our mani/pedi
and left the salon
feeling refreshed and prettiful.

Fun fall color :)

Once lunch was over I headed home to my parents house
and got my heart broken
AGAIN by my Dallas Cowboys.

The highest high, to the lowest low....ugh that loss HURT!

I was exhausted after my indoor soccer game so it was dinner
then lights out early.

I was so tired I skipped my morning workout today, but I'll be hitting the gym
or pavement hard this afternoon.
Gotta get ready for the Rebel Race this weekend.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!


Randi said...

your title is exactly what went through my head when I woke up! ugh. on another note, those kiddos are adorable!

Carolyn said...

Sounds like a good weekend! :) Love the green color!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Bahahahaha!!! Gotta love what little one's will say!!!

Holly said...

Hahaha I love the stories that little kids come up with. That's so cute about the baby and the getting married thing. Which speaking of... could it be happening soon?!

Jenn said...

Your weekend sounds awesome--love little kids and their "opinions" on stuff haha. Sounds like MG's niece! Love your mani color and that you got to spend time with a bestie! Its the best....ie haha

Nikki said...

So happy for baby spice! Kids are fricking hysterical! My niece apparently asked my mom this weekend when I was gonna have a baby and my mom said idk you need to ask aunt Nikki. Yeah not anytime soon my child not anytime soon!