October 19, 2012

Kickball Vegas Weekend: Recovery Day

HOLY MOLY, I'm still hungover from the WIN!

Okay, not really, but Sunday morning was rough.

We slept in waaaaaaaaaaaay late so we missed having a good breakfast, which totally ticked both me and C off. We are both BIG breakfast people and everything changing over to lunch at 11am on a Sunday was super frustrating.

Luckily, the day turned around quickly, which was nice.

WAKA told our captain they would reserve us a day bed,
at the Flamingo hotel during the pool party.
Of course you KNOW we all jumped on that party wagon.
One of the guys on our team also rented a cabana,
so we could watch football and lock up
all the valuables.

We all enjoyed chilling out in the hot tub,
in the pool
or just on the day bed or cabana.
It was a great time, but guess who couldn't
talk to anyone??
Yeah, me!

Homegirl lost her voice from shouting/screaming
all day Saturday playing kickball.
Totally different than C being sick,
my voice just left me because of over use.
[despite what anyone on the team thinks]

I didn't take any pictures at the pool,
because I really just wanted to chill out and have fun.

After pool time we went back to the hotel to pack
and get ready for dinner.
A bunch of people left for home Sunday
and the other group decided to go to a buffet
for dinner together.

We went to the Cosmopolitan and OHMIWORD!
If there was EVER a hotel created for Pinky,
this would be it!
Bright and Shiny AND PINK!?!?

All of the girls on my team kept saying how ME this place looked.
I 100% agreed!

The buffet was AMAZING!
They served everything like tapas so you could truly TASTE everything.
I loved the duck ravioli and the desserts.

C became bffs with the mean dessert lady which was pretty comical.
She hated everyone in our group [no joke] but pulled aside a lava cake,
just for him. He was so embarrassed which was awesome.

Foodie teammies

Once dinner was over it was time to head to the hotel,
finish packing and pass out.
Our [direct] flight left at 6am the next morning,
so that meant up and at em around 4am. [yuck]

The flight home was delayed,
but wasn't too bad.
I don't enjoy Southwest open seating,
but things could have been worse.
Honestly, nothing could have ruined my trip
after winning.

Las Vegas this year was amazing
and I'm so thankful we won the tournament
and everyone stayed healthy.

If you've never been to Vegas,
do yourself a favor and get there.

I can't wait to go back next year!



KRISTIN said...

All of your pictures from this trip make me so jealous! I love that you lost your voice!

Janna Renee said...

We stayed at the Cosmo last time and I loved it!!

Shannon Page said...

That hotel looks AMAZING!!!! I wanna go there!

Carolyn said...

Losing your voice is totally something I would do. :) Good work! And that hotel is SO PINKY! LOVE IT!

JMB said...

If a hotel sparkles in pink, book ME THERE haha. I bet you died and went to heaven walking in the joint!!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, that place looks amazing! I love anything pink and sparkly!!

Ashley said...

you are a kickball queen!!! what an awesome trip....glad you got your W and had such a fun time pumpkin!

Holly said...

Glad you had a great time and that you WON! That hotel looks amazing, definitely you!