October 11, 2011

Cpt Shane T Adcock KIA

Today marks a very sad day in my life. On October 11, 2006 a college friend of mine, Cpt Shane T Adcock was Killed In Action by an IED in Iraq. He was (an hopefully is) the only person close to me who has been killed because of war. He was part of 3rd Battalion 25ID based out of Hawaii.
He was the 269th person killed in Iraq to be buried at Arlington Cemetary.
And yes, he was in the SAME branch BlackOps is in now.

Shane was an AMAZING example of LIFE, LOVE and a FRIEND.

Here is well written article that sums up who SHANE was

Another article about Shane:SOME GAVE ALL!

When I found out he was killed in Iraq the world stopped for a second. October 11, 2006 is forever ingrained in my mind. I was at work and found out via IM from a friend. I started crying at work and asked my manager if I could leave early. Of course she let me and I remember calling my daddy on the way home and just bawling. To the point of pulling the car over because I couldn't see. Golly, I'm tearing up now just writing this. I remember asking the questions "WHY?"
"How could this happen?"
"I now know a casualty of war...what is that?"

Our college bussed up kids from his fraternity and rugby team for the funeral. It was a miserable rainy day, I guess the world was pissed such an amazing guy was taken too soon. We were all freezing and huddled up. There were SOOO many people walking behind his Cass-ion you couldn't see the immediate family. I was so far back I could barely hear the pastor speak at his grave site. However I can still hear the wail of his widowed wife. Her cries still haunts me when I think about that moment.

These are some of the articles and reminders I keep of Shane in my apartment. I am trying to find the perfect shadow box to display them in.

BlackOps ordered me this bracelet to wear while he is away. It tells Shane's, Rank, Platoon, and date of death. The KIA always gets me when I read the bracelet.

I wear this bracelet everyday as a double reminder. Of Shane's ULTIMATE SACRIFICE for our country, our freedom and ultimately MY freedom. And as a reminder of BlackOps mission overseas. I usually wear it on my right arm, halfway between my wrist and elbow, but I couldn't get a good picture. I very very VERY rarely take it off, mostly for soccer games because the refs make me, and once or twice with a dress up outfit. But, other than that, it's on me 24/7.
I'm not sharing this to brag, or say this constitutes me as a better person, I am sharing it because this is MY LIFE and what I have chosen to do. Shane and I were not especially close in college, but we had classes together and he TOUCHED.MY.LIFE more than I think he could ever know.
He was THAT GUY that EVERYONE knew and liked. He was a hunk! I may or may not have had a crush on him for a hot minute. But, he was a SWEETHEART! The best way to describe him is "he never knew a stranger. they were just people he didn't know yet"!

I am so thankful to know that Shane was a Christian and kept God at the forefront of his life. His mother speaks of his love of the Lord which I am sure brings her comfort too.

Dearest Angel Shane,
Your sacrifice is one very few experience. The sacrifice you made for your country and for the American people is one that can NEVER be repaid. I hope you knew how many people cared about you and that you would be proud of us as you look down from Heaven. Please know I HAVEN'T forgotten the sacrifice you made and the sacrifice your family deals with everyday. Your wife was an extremely luck woman to have you as her husband. I am so sad your time together was so short. THANK YOU for being so kind to me in college, you touched my life in so many ways, more than you could possibly ever know. Sweet Sweet Shane, please watch over BlackOps overseas and keep him safe!
From the bottom of my heart I thank you,

Friends remember...FREEDOM ISN'T FREE!!!!!

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