October 3, 2011

#confessions of an overpacker

Soooooooooo I had planned to post this last night and get ya'll's opiniones (Spanish duh) because I need help. Buuuuuuuuuut stupid rain weather caused this lil pink bird to feel under da wetha!!! Nope I'm not saying that stupid 4 letter word...rhymes with trick. BLAH! Instead of posting I took a bath sippin on some wine...SLASH not, sippin on some EMERGENCEEEEE and AIRBORNE! Yup classy and so seksi ova hee-ah!

Anyway, this is what my life was last night. Let me know what you think of the outfits, because guess what?!?!?! they are all going. Okay not ALL but the ones I am wearing are.
Help I'm an over packer and I CAN'T STOP!

Can't wait to rock these babies!!!

Posted this lil baby on le facebook and OHMIWORD did my friends tear me apart. I mean at least I admit I have a problem right?!?!?

I HEART MY BETSEY JOHNSON'S!!! Favorite shoes ever!!!
So yep I gotta fit it all in a suitcase....LAWD HAVE MERCY!!!!!




90 Percent Blonde... said...

I'm an overpacker too... it's horrible. Everytime I have to lug it around I always tell myself to pack less next time but it never happens

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I used to be a chronic overpacker....now I lay out everything I want about 2 days before my trip. The night before I revaluate and usually can cut it down before it makes it into the suitcase!

PS I got my package today! LOVED it!! Not sure those reese's are going to last long!