October 24, 2011

Motivate Me Mondays

Today I'm linking up with Amanda from "For Love of a Cupcake " for:

Today's Challenge/Topic:
Let's get to know you.

Why fitness is important to you?
I have been an athlete most of my life. Seriously my mom and dad had me in all different sports since I was 5. I've competed in gymnastics, soccer, tennis, swimming, diving, tball, kickball, running, hiking and basically was ACTIVE my whole life. I was a collegiate soccer player for 4 years and I was IN THE BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE! What I wouldn't give to be that girl again. I want people to look at me and say damn, she's in shape. I also FEEEL so much better when I am working out and eating healthy. A great body is a major plus too! So basically I wanna be in shape and I wanna look GOOD!

Are you just getting started on your quest to be motivated
I am getting remotivated if you will. When I first lived on my own with my bff we spent the first 3 months drinking and eating like we were in college. And no working out. CUE weight gain like never before (till now). We decided that was no bueno and promptly joined a gym, back in Fall 2006 I believe. I was going to the gym 3-4 times a week and playing soccer 2-3x a week. I managed to stay my size 00-0 until I turned 25 when I upgraded to a 0-2. I plateaued there and was not able to lose or gain any weight, despite continuing to work out and eat semi-healthy. Cue Spring 2010 where I was planning on 2 kickball teams (running 4 miles to one of them), 2 soccer teams and subbing at least once a week. I also was going to the gym and that summer hired my first personal trainer to help me build my core, because I was so sick of my stomach not changing. With all of that exercise I was finally getting cut in my midsection and my legs were becoming more defined. Well, since I wasn't 22 anymore my legs basically gave out on me and I've gained 10 pounds and am up to a size 4.

Goals you want to reach.. short or long term.
I want to get back to my Spring 2010 body, since it is not likely my late twenties body will ever be a size 00 again. (DARN)! I would like to eat healthier and lose 2 inches and 5 pounds within the next few months. My long term goal is to maintain that weight and to also eat more WHOLE foods and get my body off of processed yucky stuff (like my terms haha).

What areas you struggle with vs. your strengths
STRUGGLES:I LOVE CARBS! I LOVE ICE CREAM! I LOVE CUPCAKES! I also often get too busy to always fit in a workout. And really I am struggle with my shin splints and leg issues. I can't just go out and RUN 3-5 miles anymore and I am TRYING to figure out how. I will be revisiting the DR and my PT girl to try and sort this all out, because the idea of NOT being able to run and work out REALLY isn't allowed for this girl!
STRENGTHS: If you make something a competition I WILL WIN! I have done multiple who works out more competitions and have WON them all. I am game for doing fun activities ie tennis, golf, yoga, zumba, walking body pump. Once I get into a routine I stick with it.Anything you want to share about your fitness journey.
I think I've shared a novel! I am exciting about tracking my journey!

Thanks Amanda!!!
Here are some pictures I am using for MOTIVATION!!!!!!!!!!

I like to feel FAST, CUT, IN SHAPE and similar to my college soccer body.

I WILL GET THERE!!!!!!!!!!!


Amanda said...

Wow girl!! This is awesome!!! I love your motivation pics. It's so hard when you get so busy...all
You wanna do is just have some couch time haha. I can't believe you were in that many sports!!! I only did a couple. I am so excited you joined the link and cant wait to see all your progress and goals being reached. I'm really competitive too hehe!

Ashley said...

awesome post! thanks for linking...you have so many awesome pictures!:)

Anonymous said...

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