October 2, 2011

Fall me no likey

Ugh....fall just started with a complete craptastic start.

It's been rainy and dreary here ALL weekend and below 50 degrees...UGH GROSS!

And I was out in the rain for most of the day on Saturday. We had kickerball practice and while it was productive the rain was no bueno. I better not get sick before Vegas let me TELL YOU!

Ugh and it doesn't help that I was running around all weekend, had to watch my parents' dog and C and I had a lil spat.
UGH!!! It's been a busy annoying weekend and this nasty weather isn't helping my mood.
All you blog lovers of FALL you can have it. I just want warm and sun NOW!


Jenn said...

I'm with you. This weather sucks. And guess what it's supposed to be like tomorrow? RAIN! Grrrr

Holly said...

I agree, it's been terrible. We even got some snow where I'm from. I think we skipped Fall and went right to Winter. Rainy again today. Ugh.

Hope you have a good (rainless and warmer) Monday :)

-Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

90 Percent Blonde... said...

That's how it was here. Luckily it hasn't rained yet today but it's just as cold. I wanted to wear cute sweaters... not go from t-shirts to winter coats!

Sarah @ 90percentblonde.blogspot.com

Victoria said...

the weather in my neck of the woods was just like that last week, rainy/cloudy/chilly...Fall! thankfully this weekend has brought some real sun and temps in the 60s/70s

great blog you have!

Ashley said...

i hear ya girlfran - mine started out with a cold i like to refer to as the black plague! come back summer!