October 18, 2011

It's Tuesday and it's random and HELP!

Yep, I haven't blogged since last Friday....what this hizzek!?!?!?! I could give you the lame-o excuses about being busy and lazy, but a lot of it is I don't feel I have anything of substance to say. I mean, I know I have my Vegas recap which I am super excited about, but other than that nothing feels blogworthy to me. To try and make this 'blogger's block stop' I'm going back to the random listythingy ;)

1}I am exhausted from soccer. Mentally and Physically! I had a 10pm indoor championship game on Sunday which was delayed and we lost...ugh! And then last night I had a 9pm outdoor game which we lost and I didn't get home till 11ish again. UGH! I am so tired and my body hurts. I can't stand losing and that's all that seems to be happening lately...ugh!

2}I have put up some updates in my apartment and I ADORE THEM! A Vintage clock (a la BBB) and a coat rack (BBB part deux!). I love the way they make the place more homey and more mine.

*****3}PSA HELP PLEASE!!!! I can't upload any videos with blogger :(! I got my new FLIPPY and recorded my first message, but every time I go to upload I get an "ERROR try again later"! Any of you smart bloggers able to help me?!?!?!?****************

4}I am sooooooooooo behind with fall tv. There definitely are times I wish I payed for a DVR/TIVO! And CBS is being bootleg and I CAN'T watch any of my shows online like I normally do. UGH! I haven't seen any CSI's (sadface) and wish I could watch the GOOD WIFE not on demand. Shows I am behind on: Up all Night, Castle, Body of Proof, Grey's, Private Practice, 2 Broke Girls, Desperate Housewives, NCIS, NCIS LA! EEEEK!

5}I received some very sad news concerning a dear friend of mine. I knew something was up, but when I sent her a random FB message she filled me in. She and her husband separated 7 MONTHS after they were married. And THIS was the week of their 1 year anniversary. The guy was not who he presented himself to be and I am so sad for her because she feels it was a sham and her dreams were shattered. Please pray for her and her sweet 3 month old boy!

6}The above makes me VARY wary again about marriage, which IS SOMETHING I NEVER EXPECTED! Ok, let me take that back. I am not wary about MARRIAGE in general, just about how fast things can start and end. I am in NO WAY ready to get married yet, but at the same time CAN'T WAIT when I am married. Lots going on in this brain.

7}This guy who works with my team now reminds me of an EX from waaaaaaaaay back and it a)creeps me out and b)is really annoying. Because the ex was really annoying. And this guy is constantly talking to himself at his desk....SHUTYOMOUTH!

8}I get to see a good friend today for dinner and I am so excited. I am hoping it's baby news, since the couple has been trying for the past 1.5 years. She randomly texted me for dinner which is a good sign, right?!!?

9}My 10 year high school reunion is this weekend and I am excited SLASH dreading it!

Okay that's all for now lovies! I hope you are all well! And please let me know if you have any tips for recording videos!


Amanda said...

How exhausting from all your games :-/
You've been busy!
I didn't go to my 10 year reunion...oh well....lol....maybe Fe the 25...

Ashley said...

wow! what an amazing update! i feel all caught up!!

SO - i didnt' know you played soccer AND i need to see this PSA (stupid blogger) and your new apt updates whoo hoo!