October 6, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Fresh Prince

That's right, my lil FreshPrince is 2 Years old today ya'll! That iiisss so crazy! I remember when he was just a sonogram picture on my mirror. Creepy...nah!!!!

Below are some of my favorite shots of him throughout his 2 years. I can't find our first picture together, but golly I will and then edit this post! hahaha!

Enjoy the cuteness...if you don't DIE from it :)

Dearest Fresh Prince,
You are the BOY light of my life! I love you to the moon and back and to the sun and back times infinity. Your Aunt Pinky is here for you NO MATTER WHAT!!!! I can't wait to see you grow up even more and see all the AMAZING things you will do. Don't worry, even though you are going to have a lil sister you will always be the FRESH PRINCE of my heart!
I love you tons lil buddy!
Aunt Pinky

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Holly said...

OMG he is beyond cute! Happy birthday to the little guy! This makes me want to beg my sister for a niece/nephew asap :)

Happy Thursday!

-Holly @ Eight Six Eleven