October 26, 2011

WILW for the #bloggingblueswin

It's Wednesday so I'm linking up with Jaime at This Kind of Love! Hopefully this will get me out of my blogging slump!

1)I'm LOVING the new MONDAY link up I started participating in this week. Amanda from "For Love of a Cupcake" for Motivate Me Mondays! I am really looking forward to tracking my progress.You should think of joining, it's gonna be FAB! Below are some of my FAV motivation pictures!

2) I am LOVING that a kickerball merger between the two DC teams might actually be happening. I also LOVE the fact that C is one of the main reasons for this merge, he truly is a *SUPASTAR*! Gotta love dating the team ALLSTAR, ow ow!

3) I am LOVING that I had a great time at my 10 year high school reunion. I will blog a recap (PROMISE) later, but it truly was a great time. THANK YOU for all of the support ladies, it really was helpful and made me feel SOOO much better!
Can we say BABYFACE!?
4)I am LOVING this post from Leslie of A Blonde Ambition! It's all about BOOTS and it's AMAZEBALLS! However, my lil debit card and bank account is now depleted. Not sure if I should thank Mrs. (just married) Leslie or not! If you want to know anything about fashion and follow a super sweet southern gal, go check out the blog...NOW!!!!

Yep, these 2 beauties are on there way to me as we speak!
Tustiny Boot by Jessica SimpsonBanya Boot by DV Dolce Vita

5) I am LOVING the twist. NO not the dance (although that's BALLER too) the twist for bangs and hair. I have rocked the look twice already this week (if you call me lazy I WON'T disagree). Here's a pic from Monday.

6) I am LOVING the sweet support from fellow blogger regarding my IDIOTIC oops yesterday. Check it out and make fun or support, both are warranted.

7) As always I'm LOVINGLOVINGLOVING my main man (and only man) Cdizzle! xoxo


Kit said...

love those boots!

Julia Miller said...

Agree with Kit, the boots are super cute & thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.

JMB said...

SHOE PORN!! I LOVE IT!! I loved the video you posted about ya MAN this morning!! I know you're proud!! And can we talk about how cute that twist is!? You look soooo pretttttttttttty mamma-seeeta!! Luuuuuh you!!!