October 25, 2011

Idiot Party of ONE!

Suuuriously GULLS and GALLLLLs I am a le IDIOTA!!!!

I had a soccer game tonight and chica right hurrrrrr went to the WRONG FIELD! And DIDN'T BRING HER CELL PHONE!!!!!!

Nope, ya'll I had NO means of communication when I saw another set of teams take the field MY Team was supposed to be on. I actually had a reason for leaving it at home, C needed it but OF ALL DAYS!!!! I drove around and went to 2, yes 2 gas stations before I could find a pay phone. YES a PAY PHONE!!! I called my dad to look up the schedule and YEPPERS this chick was at the wrong place.

He told me where to go and again THIS smarty pants didn't fully pay attention and heard a different field name and NOPE no team there! UGH UGH UGH Ya'll! By this time I was driving around aimlessly just searching for a field. Like they are everywhere. NO DOI!!!!! After 45 minutes of driving I gave up and came home.

I feel awful, especially if my team had to forfeit. UGH! Such an idiot! I don't even know HOW I am alive sometimes.


Jenn said...

hahah, don't worry! Things always seem to happen that way (the ONE time you need your phone is the time you dont have it). You were probably so frazzled by everything that you missed the name of the field. I wouldnt say you're an idiot by any means. Instead, we will say, it was Tuesday. Tuesdays stink. That's all :)

Amanda said...

Oh no! It happens to the best of us :) oh my gosh... I can't imagine being without my phone! I feel so helpless without it lol.