October 27, 2011

Friday list of my life

Yes it's that fun weekend of dressing up (or down if you're a girl hahaha). So it's Friday and it's random....again, but what else is new!?!?!

1}I've been working since last weekend getting everything together for my costume and it's been more of a pain than I thought. I've known what I wanted to be for a really long time and had the MAIN pieces together since I already own them. I did a trial run last night and it made me think....
Suuuriously the costume WON'T WORK unless I can find this last piece and duuuuuuuuude NO ONE has what I need. I might be ghettofabulous and rig a not so cute version if I have to, but cross your fingers I can find what I need.

2}Target is my nemesis....for real!
Yes, you read that correct, I bought CHRISTMAS STUFF!!! But I can explain, I'm not a fall/Halloween girl. I'm just not. But CHRISTMAS anything and HELLLO, it's a party. I may or may not have bought 3 Christmas Cds.

3}These have been circulating my life recently
and they put me in a funk. A I am POed at everyone funk. And it's bad and mean and I don't like it. But then I get to reading blogs about other people's hardships and man, it really makes me think
New attitude over here Missy!

4}I am struggling in my personal life with hard decisions and I'm just STUCK! I can't share more right now because 1)it's personal and 2)I don't want to write it out because that makes it real. Please just pray for God's Will and for me to LISTEN! Love ya'll!

Alright it's time to close up shop! I hope everyone has a fantastical Halloween and loves their costumes. HOOORAY FOR DRESSING UP!


Sarah D. said...

Toddlers and Tiaras?!

My coworker and I are doing that for our work party on Monday :)

Katie said...

A crazy toddler?!?! NO CLUE! That is a good one!!

Sarah D. said...

I don't have a sash yet. If I can't find one this weekend I might attempt to make one. I will let you know how that goes!

Also...how did you guys do in Vegas? I'm going next year :) My summer league won our tournament. (and I keep my WAKA trophy on my desk at work. ha!)

Ashley said...

ok my guess is toddler and tiara?

or black swan with natala portman's bambino in tow?!

hope your crazy bad days and tough situations simmer down and get figured out asap!

XOXO doll!