October 23, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Boys Prep

Another wedding post, woohoo!

Today we are talking all bout those boys...I mean men!

While I was getting ready at my parent's house, C and the dudes were getting ready in our hotel room. Originally we weren't going to have the photographer meet at the hotel, C isn't a big picture person and logistically it wasn't the easiest place to get to, but the photographer convinced us otherwise.

And honestly, I'm so very glad she did. I believe she was only there for five to ten minutes but she was able to get some pretty awesome shots. I like seeing C get ready and the pictures of him and his brother are pretty sweet [ I mean manly and uncute].

The first pictures are of C opening his gift from me.

You can't really see them, but I gave C cuff links I found on etsy. They were silver and I had his initials and the wedding date engraved on each of them. He was tricky to buy for, but he told me afterwards the he really liked them and thought they were a very thoughtful gift, YAY! Check them out *here*!
Love his smile and surprising him :)

LOVE that my groom wore pops of pink JUST FOR ME!

So handsome
Baseball boys and their sunglasses....

Little bro giving the thumbs up

Don't they all look dashing!?

Next week...to the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadiessssssssssssssssss!

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Jenn said...

Very cute! I love the look on his face as he's opening your gift! Super sweet :)

Illegally Blonde said...

He's just so cute! Love the pops of pink

{Jessica} said...

It wouldn't have been a P!nky wedding without some pops of pink! And love the wedding gift - so thoughtful. Now, every time he wears them he will be reminded of your precious wedding day:)

Courtney B said...

Oh my gosh, HIS SOCKS! Of course I love the tie... but pink on his socks? Sweetest for sure!
I love these wedding Wednesdays of yours!!

Shayna Yancey said...

Love this!!!

Mary said...

Too cute!!!

Kristyn said...

These are great photos of the guys! I love them!

Thanks so much for linking up!

Saxon @ Lets Drink Coffee, Darling said...

Your guys look sharp! Their socks are great! :)

Shoshanah said...

I would love to have photos of my husband getting ready, but there's no way he would have let it happen. Thankfully, I do at least have a few photos that my dad of him relaxing before our first look.

Janna Renee said...

So cute! I want to get Will cuff links too!